Gareth Bale has not debuted with him yet Tottenham, but his credentials are enough for the team coach Jose Mourinho to be “convinced” that the Welsh attacker, on loan from the Real Madrid, will not return to the white set at the end of the season and will continue in the London team.

Regarding the operation, Murinho said that “if everyone agrees, it will be perfect. I have not spoken to Zidanebut I think he’s glad he’s gone and we are happy that he has come. “

This leads him to trust Bale’s continuity at Tottenham when the loan ends. “Hopefully at the end of the season. can stay“, said the coach at a press conference.

Of course, the coach made it clear that Bale will have to earn every minute with the ‘spurs’ jersey, given that “he knows that he is a player that I really like, but he also the best is the one who plays. He will not play because he is Gareth Bale, he will play because he will show that he deserves it, “he added.