Mourinho now calls himself ‘The Experienced One’: ‘Everything is a déjà vu’

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José Mourinho thinks that his experience in top football means he needs a new nickname. From now on, ‘The Special One’ will happily call itself ‘The Experienced One’.

‘Coaches get better as they get older’

The 57-year-old Portuguese described himself at the start of his first employment with Chelsea in 2004 – in a now famous way – as ‘The Special One’, but now thinks it is time for a new nickname.

“How I would describe myself now? As ‘The Experienced One’. I am now very experienced”, said Mourinho in an interview with Tencent Sports, a Chinese technology company that holds Chinese Premier League broadcasting rights this season.

“Everything that can happen in football has happened to me before”, says Mourinho. “During competitions and during my work, I increasingly experience déjà vu.”

Before his current employment at Tottenham Hotspur, Mourinho was, among other things, twice coach of Chelsea and also held sway at FC Porto, Internazionale, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

In 1987, Mourinho took his first steps in the coaching profession as a youth coach at Vitória Setúbal. At Benfica he was in 2000 for the first time as head coach of a first team at the helm.

Tottenham coach José Mourinho shares his experiences with his players Harry Winks and Gareth Bale. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Mourinho explains that he feels that coaches, unlike players, generally only get better as they age.

“As a player you need a good physical condition, which is better for young players. Someone who is twenty or thirty years old has a physical advantage over a forty year old, unless your name is Zlatan Ibrahimovic”, teaches ‘The Experienced One’.

“As a coach it is the other way around. Then you mainly have to use your brain and that will improve as you get older and gain more experience and knowledge. You benefit from that.”

With ‘Spurs’, ‘The Experienced One’ is currently second in the Premier League, one point behind leader Leicester City. Manchester City will visit London on Saturday.



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