Moria refugees resist the new camp

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The Ggreek obierno a few days ago opened a new temporary camp to house the 12,000 refugees that, last Tuesday, they saw the field of Moria burn, where it had been crowded for years. The makeshift camp, however, is almost empty: only 1,000 people have voluntarily agreed, despite the fact that there are tents to accommodate up to 5,000 people. Athens assures that more tents will be washed to house the rest.

Refugees who are reluctant to move to the new camp, and who have been sleeping rough in the gutters of Lesbos for several days, fear that they will be trapped in a place from which they will not be able to leave. They demand to be taken off the island, a place that for many has become a hell. Furthermore, they fear that living conditions in the new camp will be the same as those they now suffer on the road, even worse.

As a warning to the reticent, the Greek Minister of Migration, Notis Mitarakis, has warned that the Government of Athens only will accept the asylum applications who agree to go to the new stores. A threat of dubious legality since the international law It obliges local authorities to process asylum applications and without prior conditions to any foreigner who is in their territory and requests it.

“We have informed you [a los refugiados] that they have to enter the new field. But what they want is leave the island& rdquor ;, a Greek policeman told the newspaper ‘Kathimerini’. The police this Tuesday announced that if the refugees do not bend their arm, the authorities will: the refugees will go to the new camp or by hook or by crook.

“No one will leave Lesbos without having passed through the temporary camp & rdquor ;, said, for his part, the Greek Minister of Citizen Protection, Mijalís Jristojidis, to television ‘Skai’.


Today marks an exact week of the fire that devoured Moria in the early morning hours and the Greek police have reported the arrest of five people he accuses having started the fire. It involves five people from Afghan nationality. Two of them are unaccompanied minors, which, last week, were transferred to the mainland.

The hypothesis of Government is that the detainees took advantage of the chaos that was created in the field that night when the police tried to isolate 35 people that they had given positive for coronavirus. It was then that some refugees, according to the Athenian version, confronted the riot gear. There were loads and tear gas. It was in this context that the beginning of the end of Moria began.

Now, the Government of the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, promises to reopen the devastated field, but the conditions will be different: it will be a closed camp from where no one will be able to leave unless they are going to be relocated to another field or deported. The locals of Lesbos protest: they want the complete disappearance of both the camps and the refugees. After five years of problems they are fed up.



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