Morgan – Resume, vCard, Personal, Profile and Portfolio WP Theme

“I am looking to purchase Morgan, a WP theme that offers resume, vCard, personal profile and portfolio features for my professional online presence.”

Morgan WordPress Theme: Your Ultimate Solution for Personal Websites

Are you looking to create a personal website quickly and effortlessly? Look no further than Morgan, the ultimate vCard WordPress theme. With its clean design, multilingual capabilities, and lightweight structure, Morgan allows you to launch your fully functional website in less than half an hour.

Morgan 3.3 is live!
Compatible with WordPress 6.1.x / 6.0.x / 5.9.x / 5.8.x / 5.7.x / 5.6.x
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An Easy-To-Use Package

The best part about using Morgan as your go-to theme is that everything comes in an easy-to-use package; it takes just one click to create pages like Live Preview pages! After creating the page content of your choice, use Drag and Drop functionality offered by WPBakery Page Builder integrated within the package itself.

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Key Features That Make It A Standout Product:

  • All Preview Pages Ready For Installation In Just A Single Click,
  • A ‘Drag And Drop’ Functionality To Edit Things Of Your Website Pages Via WPBakery Page Builder Integrated Within The Package Itself,
  • You Can Choose From More Than Five Home Styles Plus Header And Footer Styles As Per Your Liking,
  • You Get Free Support For Six Months On Any Kind of Issue Related To Our Product; This Is Part Of Our Promise To Keep You Happy With Us!,
  • ,

  • Multilingual Capability Letting You Reach Out To People Around The Globe Without Language Barriers.,,
  • Fully Compatible With Latest Versions of WordPress (WordPress Version Compatibility Includes:——->WordPress Version(s) : ——–>>WordPress latest version(whatever it might be at any given point), WordPress versions starting from **Version number ‘X.X’**, ending up until **Version number ‘Y.Y’**)
  • .

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    At present,Morgain wordpress theme can work well without any hitches whatsoever on following versions/releases:
    Rankwise descending order will be followed accordingly :-

    ♦ Latest available version,
    ♣ Previous two before current/latest one,
    ♥ Remaining previous ones(if still being used).

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    Cheers,to bright beginnings ahead!

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