Although it seems simple, getting a good dental cleaning is not easy. From top to bottom and always from the molars to the frontal area, this action is part of our day to day and, however, we do not always perform it properly. A minimum of three times a day and for more than four minutes altogether or not using dental floss or specific mouthwashes are some of the most common mistakes and, also, the best known. However, not many have a bathroom irrigator that completes cleaning and ensures that, in addition to no food debris, prevent the appearance of tartar or gingivitis, great enemies of the perfect smile.

Brushing your teeth well has a trick: from brush to irrigator

These tools, similar to an electric toothbrush but accompanied by tanks of water, are ideal to complement oral hygiene and promote your health, since, among other virtues, it helps to stimulate blood circulation in the gums or delay the appearance of plaque. . They get it thanks to ejection of a jet under pressure that, without damaging the teeth, carries the most stubborn dirt, ensuring that a much more effective cleaning.

In addition, oral irrigators do not have to be a large family investment, since there are models endorsed by major brands (and user ratings!) that, subject to an affordable price, meet all our demands. An example of this is the one that we have highlighted under these lines, from Oral-B, which not only has more than 7,000 opinions that have earned it four gold stars on Amazon: now 61% cheaper is available in their catalog.

The oral irrigator, from Oral-B.
The oral irrigator, from Oral-B.

Three features that make it unique

  • Microbubble technology. This Oral B model uses this technology to attack plaque-causing bacteria, making it easier to get rid of it. These purified air microbubbles enrich the water to achieve this and, at the same time, contribute to healthy gums with a gentle massage.
  • Effective cleaning. This irrigator, thanks to this technology and the heads, is capable of removing even the remains of food that remain between the teeth. After using this device a clean and fresh feeling is achieved.
  • It adjusts to your needs. This device allows you to enjoy a personalized cleaning, since we can select the water pressure to adapt it to the sensitivity of our teeth.

To benefit from these benefits, four steps are enough. First of all, in addition to attach one of the nozzles to the handle, fill the container with lukewarm water and add mouthwash if desired. Then, we select the pressure level and the water jet: the only one to clean specific areas and the multi for a gentle massage for all the gums. Finally, activate the irrigator and enjoy a unique cleaning.

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