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The presidential election in the United States is not until November 3, but over 6.6 million Americans have already cast their votes, reports the United States Elections Project Thursday. In the meantime, President Donald Trump has completed his corona treatment and will likely be able to participate in public events again from Saturday, his personal physician reports.

Personal physician: Trump will return to public events from Saturday

The number of votes this early in the race is more than ten times the number around the same time in 2016. In Florida, a major state for the election outcome, more than a million votes are reported to have been cast.

According to Michael McDonald, the man behind the United States Elections Project, the preliminary figures indicate a record turnout of 150 million votes, or 65 percent of those eligible to vote. Such a turnout would be the largest since 1908, said the University of Florida professor, who has been tracking voter turnouts in the US for renowned news agencies since 2000.

More than 136 million votes were cast during the 2016 presidential election, a turnout of almost 57 percent. Most votes went to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but Republican Trump won the electoral college to become the new president of the US.

In almost every US state, voters can vote well before election day, including by mail. This year is used a lot because of the corona pandemic. Trump has been campaigning against postal voting for weeks, arguing that it would lead to fraud.

Trump can probably participate in public events again from Saturday, according to his personal physician. The president has completed his corona treatment and responded “extremely well” to what he received, Dr. Sean Conley said in a message circulated by the White House.

Trump said in an interview with Thursday Fox News that he might want to rally in Florida on Saturday. He also said he wants to undergo a corona test on Friday.

According to Conley, Trump’s health has remained stable since he returned to Washington on Tuesday after a stay at Walter Reed military hospital. The president tested positive for the virus last week and received experimental treatment with synthetic antibodies from Regeneron.

The second election debate between Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will take place online due to the corona virus. Trump, however, refuses, because he doesn’t want to hold a debate remotely. Biden, who has tested negative for the time being, said earlier that he did not want to debate Trump in the usual way while the president is still contagious.

Trump said earlier on Thursday that he has now recovered and can no longer spread the virus. He returned to work in the Oval Office on Wednesday, despite accusations for being too careless with the safety of his employees.



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