More than 530 civilians have died in Afghanistan in the first six months

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At least 533 civilians have died and 412 have been injured by the violence in Afghanistan during the first six months of 2020, according to what the Independent Commission for Human Rights in the Central Asian country. These balance sheets are released at a time when the Afghan government and the Taliban are preparing direct peace talks to end almost 20 years of conflict; a dialogue hampered by the constant attacks that still take place in the country.

These victims have succumbed to what the Commission describes as “targeted killings”, for example the explosion of bombs on highways as civil vehicles, according to estimates, collected by the Tolo News chain. The organization has declared itself particularly concerned about the situation in Kandahar province, to which it has devoted a balance sheet. There, between February and September, 122 civilians have died and another 72 have been injured by the prevailing violence.

Car bomb

Also, in the past week alone, a total of 69 civilians were killed and 141 others were injured in 650 bombings and other attacks Perpetrated by the Taliban, according to estimates by the Afghan Interior Ministry.

This Saturday, without going any further, at least 15 people, including eight civilians, lost their lives and more than 30 were injured by the explosion of a car bomb near the governor’s compound district of the Afghan town of Ghanijil, in Nangarhar province (in the east of the country).



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