More than 50 million voters advanced their vote in the US.

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Most did it by mail, but a good number also went to the centers authorized in some states.

More than 50 million voters have already voted early for the November 3 elections in the United States, an unprecedented mobilization fostered by the strong polarization between Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, who have been heating up the campaign with strong crossovers on key issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic, economic difficulties, police violence, immigration and posture before China and Russia.

This year the early vote set a record, which was also fueled by the pandemic. According to the count carried out by the monitoring group US Elections Project, of the University of Florida, more than 35 million people have already voted by mail and 15 million did so in places to vote before the elections.

This figure already exceeds the total of votes cast in advance in 2016, which totaled 47 million and corresponds to 36.5% of the total participation that year, about 138 million people. According to calculations by the US Elections Project, there are about 240 million people qualified to vote in the United States, where suffrage is not mandatory.

Early voting follows different rules from state to state. One of the most populated, New York will open this process from Saturday, which will significantly increase this mode of participation.

Democrats called for early voting as a precautionary measure, but this has generated long lines in several states.

For his part, the president Donald Trump He regularly denounces without proof that this process can generate fraud and promises that his voters will be displaced en masse on November 3 to refute the polls that give his rival victory.

Eleven days before the presidential election, and after the last debate last Thursday, President Trump continues his unbridled race to regain ground against Biden with a series of political acts in the states where the electorate was running towards the Democrats.

This friday he toured again Florida, with the intention of obtaining the victory there and thus the valuable 29 electoral votes that the state has. This is the third time in three weeks that the president travels to this southern state, known for having the highest proportion of retirees in the country, with more than 20%.

However, this backwater of the elderly was the scene of strong tensions between supporters and detractors of the Republican president.

Although older adults tend to lean towards the Republican Party, they are also the population most vulnerable to the coronavirus, which has left more than 223,000 dead in the United States. Many of them blame Trump for the health crisis and the number of deaths.

Trump will continue his marathon over the weekend, with trips to North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin on Saturday, with New Hampshire on Sunday’s schedule. Trump to vote early Saturday in Florida and his vice president, Mike Pence, has already done so in Indianapolis.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, plans to speak from his residence in Wilmington, Delaware, to expose his plan to “beat covid-19” and straighten the economy, badly hit by the pandemic. This is your workhorse. In last Thursday’s debate, referring to Trump, he said that “anyone who is responsible for so many deaths should not remain president of the United States.”

The Democrat has the valluring endorsement of former President Barack Obama, who accompanies him with great energy in the political campaign. This week, Obama called on Democratic voters not to trust favorable polls and to mobilize en masse to win Biden’s victory.

“We cannot trust ourselves. I don’t care about the polls, “said the ex-president. And he recalled that in 2016 “there were a lot of polls” favorable to the then Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and “It didn’t work because a lot of people stayed at home, they became lazy and trusting”. “Not this time. Not in this election, “Obama remarked.

Biden leads Trump by nine percentage points nationally, according to the average of RealClearPolitics polls. However, Republicans are expected to mobilize en masse on November 3 to vote for Trump.


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