More than 40 people attack a Paris police station with projectiles, iron bars and fireworks

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The Par Policeís has condemned this Sunday what they have described as an attack at dawn carried out by more than 40 people who launched fireworks rockets, iron bars and other projectiles against a police station in the community of Champigny-sur-Marne (in the northern department of Marne Valley, from the Ile-de-France region). The site is about 15 kilometers from the capital.

Although no officers have been injured, the mayor, Laurent Jeanne, has informed BFMTV television that Two policemen who were in the vicinity of the police station had just enough time to take refuge in the entrance.

Some of the individuals were armed with iron bars, according to the mayor, which has requested a full investigation of an incident that occurred just days after two policemen were seriously injured by attackers who accosted them while on a surveillance mission in another Paris suburb.

Third attack in two years

In the images released by the Gendarmerie itself, it is observed how some armed individuals try to enter the police station by force without success. The outbreak of violence It caused damage to the windows of the enclosure and the breaking of the chrysalis in the windows of parked cars. This is the third attack suffered by this police headquarters in two years. The police station is located in a conflict zone.



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