More than 25,000 infections in a day: Italy suffers the blow of an aggressive mutation of the coronavirus

Between Tuesday and Wednesday there were more than 1,500 deaths. They warn that the new variant of Covid-19 is transmitted faster.

In two days 1,575 dead. This Wednesday, 25,853 Covid-19 infections were registered in Italy and 722 deaths were added to the 853 on Tuesday.

The key to the violence of the second wave of the pandemic is “that the coronavirus has had a mutation that transmits it much faster”Said the deputy director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Ranieri Guerra, who is Italian.

It is an early genetic mutation of Covid-19, known as D614G, which is making the pandemic more difficult to control than in the first phase. The variant is transmitted from person to person much more easily compared to the original “wild type” isolated in the city of Wuhan, China.

The D614G variant has spread more in Europe and the United States. According to studies, it determines “a higher viral load in the upper respiratory zone.” In Europe, Great Britain, Italy and France, in that order, they have quickly surpassed 50,000 deaths due to the rapid transmission of the D614G mutation.

In Italy, the first phase was concentrated in a few large industrial regions in the north. The second, which broke out in October, instead spread throughout the country.

The WHO Deputy Director clarified that the D614G variant is fully compatible with the vaccines that are beginning to be distributed.

Ranieri Guerra called for “calm” and stated in an interview that “cases are slowing down but the pandemic curve has not yet begun to decline.” The peak will occur soon, probably around December 7th and “we will see the bend in the curve.”

“The deaths of these days reflect the infections of ten days ago and the high number of lethal cases will continue for some time, probably within two weeks. The infections are less numerous and we know how to treat the sick better, although there is still no decisive cure. Hospitals in recent days have improved their performance, because there is less pressure from hospitalized patients and, above all, the pressure on intensive care has dropped ”, concluded Guerra.

Professor Walter Ricciardi, advisor to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, pointed out that in recent weeks the pressure on hospitals “has been terrible.” “In just one month, 27 thousand doctors and nurses have been infected. Nine hundred a day ”, he detailed.

“It is essential to keep your guard up for another month, to act in a rational and lucid manner,” the expert warned.

Ricciardi stressed that for the first time the number of new infected people in Italy slows down. “Between November 18 and this Monday, 216 thousand infections have been added, against the 242 thousand of the previous week.” The spread of the mutated variant has been dizzying. At the end of September the infected did not reach a thousand a day. In October everything changed and on November 13 there were 40,902 infected and now it has decreased by 10.6%.

The government, supported by most scientists, argues that in the current difficult situation, it is not possible to make openings that could be fatal and to determine a third wave that would saturate the hospitals and devastate the first line of the health system.

The two worst hit regions, Lombardy and Piedmont, the most industrialized in the country, are struggling to get out of the “red” area to which they have been confined with the greatest restrictions, to prevent massive human contacts from leading to a disastrous increase in infections.

The pressure from Lombardy and Piedmont, ruled by the center-right opposition, stimulates the controversies with the government. The rock of the scandal is skiing. Hundreds of thousands of Italians travel to the major resorts, especially in the Alpine areas, to spend the White Christmas and also the New Year in the snow.

When the season began, the crowds of people were scandalous. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that the government will not allow that history to repeat itself because its price will be measured in further increases in infections and the number of deaths that would guarantee an uncontrolled opening. The protests are multiplying, especially due to the despair of the thousands of workers who will lose revenues and perhaps jobs, along with those who refuse to run out of winter holidays and naturally the entrepreneurs who run the business.

Italians are shocked by the growth in the death toll, which on Wednesday reached 51,306, with an average of 691 per day, an increase of 10.4%. The previous week they reached 46,464. In a week, five thousand deaths, a record since the pandemic began on February 21.



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