A huge demonstration march for the release of political prisoners was held on Sunday in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. It is estimated that at least 100,000 people took part in the march. Police forces tried to disperse the crowd with water cannons.

Protesters took over the streets of Minsk, even though they were threatened in prison. A text message was sent to the citizens saying the protesters could be held criminally liable.

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Under the march, the Belarussian government also tried, according to news agencies, to cover up the country’s leader Alexander Lukashenko critical speeches. The government revoked the accreditations of all foreign suppliers.

Images and videos of a huge crowd heading towards the city prison began to spread on social media. Protesters are calling on the authorities to release political prisoners.

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A representative of the Belarusian Interior Ministry confirmed to the news agency AFP that police used water cannons and arrested the protesters. More than 100 people were arrested on Sunday, according to human rights organization Vjasna. Protesters also say police have beaten those involved in the march.

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According to Vyasna, there are 77 political prisoners in Belarus. Among them are, among others, the candidate in the presidential election Svjatlana Tsihanouskajan husband Sergei Tsihanouskaja, one of the leading figures in the opposition Mary Kalesnikava as well as advising the Russian opposition Vitali Shkliarov. Russia has supported the Lukashenko regime and provided military and financial support to the government.

Lähde: AFP