More than 100 arrests in protests against Polish abortion law

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Polish police arrested about 120 people on Saturday during demonstrations against the tightened abortion law. For the third day in a row, people took to the streets in droves to protest new restrictions in the law that have made abortion virtually impossible in the predominantly Roman Catholic country.

In addition to the capital Warsaw, demonstrations were also held in other cities. In addition, there are also demonstrations in the country against the government’s corona measures.

Police used batons and tear gas against the protesters. Gatherings of more than ten people are officially prohibited in Poland due to the corona virus.

The Constitutional Court of Poland ruled on Thursday that abortion is also not allowed on the basis of serious abnormalities in the unborn child. Last year, 1,100 abortions were performed in Polish hospitals, almost all on the basis of the legal basis that has now disappeared.

If the birth endangers the health of the mother or if the unborn child is the result of incest or rape, abortion is still allowed.

In 2016, unrest also arose in Poland because the government wanted to abolish abortion completely, after which the government decided to withdraw the proposal.



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