Montero on Women’s Day: Women’s rights are at risk, not the coalition government | Live 8-M Demonstrations

Spanish Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has expressed concern over the potential for women’s rights to be eroded, amidst ongoing discussions surrounding the country’s Penal Code. Montero has criticized the PSOE party for aligning with the PP in order to embark upon a potentially regressive pathway, which could result in the return of the Penal Code of violence, intimidation, and La Manada.

Montero has urged her fellow politicians to prioritize the defense of consent at the center of the Penal Code, in order to preserve the rights of women in Spain. However, concerns have been raised over the effectiveness of this strategy, given that penalties and punishments have been shown to be ineffective in combatting violence against women in many cases.

The debate over the Penal Code reform has been ongoing for weeks, with the PSOE proposing a refinement of the current code, rather than a complete overhaul. While this approach has been criticized by some, the PSOE maintains that its reform proposals are aimed at closing loopholes in the law, rather than weakening it. Regardless of the approach taken, however, it is clear that women’s rights remain under threat in Spain, and it is up to lawmakers to take action in order to ensure that they are protected.

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