Montalbano – The Giostra degli Scambi: Tonight on Rai 1

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Montalbano’s film on air this evening at 21.25 on Rai Uno è The trade carousel, which premiered on February 12, 2018.

Based on the novel of the same name published by Sellerio in April 2015, the film directed by the veteran of the series Alberto Sironi, see in his cast Luca Zingaretti surrounded by his faithful Cesare Bocci (Mimì Augello), Peppino Mazzotta (Fazio), Angelo Russo (Catarella), Roberto Nobile (Nicolò Zito) and Davide Lo Verde (Galluzzo). In addition to the participation of Sonia Bergamasco in the role of Livia, The carousel of exchanges see how “guest starFabrizio Bentivoglio in the role of Giorgio Bonfiglio.

Here she is official plot of Il Commissario Montalbano: The carousel of exchanges

An electronics store was burned down, a clearly arson attack. But it’s not just about this: Marcello Di Carlo, the owner of the shop, has disappeared, there is no longer any trace of him. He is a handsome Di Carlo man, and also a playboy of some success, but he has the habit of spending a lot more than he can earn. Montalbano begins to investigate, but the mystery of this disappearance seems to be becoming more and more elusive. And then in those days something else is also happening, something very strange and disturbing: a bizarre kidnapper deceives some girls, chloroforms them, kidnaps them for a few hours and then leaves them free outside Vigàta: he doesn’t touch them, he does not violence against them, nor does he rob them … the reasons for these lightning kidnappings seem truly incomprehensible. Montalbano will understand that the two cases, apparently very different, are actually linked, and above all he will realize that to get to the head of this complex investigation he will have to find out who is the mysterious latest flame of Di Carlo, the girl with whom the playboy spent a beautiful holiday in the Canaries and that he has not introduced to any of his friends and acquaintances. And not only will she have to find out who she is, but also where she is now, why she hasn’t reported to the police so far, or if something hasn’t happened to her. In this story in which appearances are very deceptive, Montalbano, although the glimmer of appearances risks leading him into error several times, as usual will not fail in his mission.

The appointment The Carousel of Exchanges, and for tonight, Tuesday 15 September at 21.25 its Rai 1.


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