Monique Evans refutes accusation of ex-wife, Cacá Werneck: ‘I got rid of you’

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Monique Evans returned to speak about the end of the six-year marriage to DJ Cacá Werneck after the ex-wife accused the presenter’s daughter, Barbara Evans, who was responsible for the separation, a fact denied by the model. “I got sick of your voice and you. I’m glad I got rid of you. Very, very sad to have lived with this person for six years”, fired the eternal drum queen and carnival highlight in a new series of videos shared on her account from Instagram Stories. This Thursday (8), Cacá in an interview with the program “A Tarde é Sua” said he was responsible for Monique’s reconciliation with his mother.

Monique countered the ex-wife’s accusation: ‘Coward!’

The fact was denied by the presenter, who had won the woman’s silly hand during a charity parade. “As someone who lives with my family for six years is speaking badly about my family. She lived in this house and speaks badly of my mother, saying that she made me talk to my mother again …”, she countered . And Monique went further. “Talking about my daughter like that. It’s a lot of anger, right guys? I have so much to talk about her, if I wanted to talk. But I’m going to let it go and hand it over to God. Very, very sad to mess with my family. Coward! “, She accused, a trendy icon in the 1980s.

‘I made a career and I have a history’, said Monique

At another point in the video, Monique cited Cacá’s interview excerpt to Sonia Abrão’s evening program on RedeTV! when the DJ mentioned the hospitalization of the now ex-wife in a rehabilitation clinic. “To say that when she stayed with me I was at the clinic? Since she also went there … To say that she took a woman who was no longer famous … When I am not famous? I may not be on television, but I am famous I will always have it because I made a career and I have a history “, defended the actress and former participant of two seasons of” A Fazenda “(2010 and 2011).

Monique countered criticism of ex-wife for age difference

Monique also said that she is recognized by people of the most different generations and also countered the criticism she suffered from Cacá due to the age difference between them, 30 years. “To say that I am twice her age? She told me it had nothing to do with it,” he claimed. “I never want to see you again!” He said. Finally, Monique thanked the support received by fans on her social network. “Many messages. Thank you very much for the affection. I love you all”, he finished.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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