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Monday’s rating, with Jesus in his culminating moments


Telefe’s Brazilian telenovela was the most watched of the day.

After winning the three stripes, Telefe stayed with the rating of Monday, September 21, by a difference of 2.2 points on El Trece, its main competitor.

The most seen of the day was, again, Jesus. The Brazilian soap opera channel of the balls measured 12.7 points.

Starring Dudu Azevedo, Jesus it is in its “climax.” God’s envoy he begins his way towards Monte Calvario and his end is near.

In second place, from the same station, was the Turkish novel Broken wings, which measured 10.3.

Also from Telefe, the podium closed it Floricienta. The repetition of the cycle headed by Florence Bertotti reached ten points.

The same audience level had Welcome aboard, with the driving of Guido the Duck, by El Trece.

The note was given by Mica Viciconte, after Guido asked him if he would see himself with Fabián Cubero in the future.

“We have three years and coins. And so far we haven’t had any big fights. Can you believe? Small discussions yes, for the cleanliness, for example ”, commented the blonde.

“Sure, you talk like you’re going to continue your whole life, right?” Reflected Guido, without imagining the answer that Mica would give him, from the plane of Welcome aboard.

“Nerd. We are clear that no. Love does not last for life. We project, but it is known that generally… ”Viciconte shot with a gesture of resignation.

“What are they projecting?” Kaczka asked, puzzled by Mica’s position.

“We plan to have a child”replied the girlfriend of the idol of Vélez. Later, Viciconte clarified that with Cubero “we continue with great passion. We love each other and the pandemic has united us ”.

In the Constitución canal, the second location was for Singing 2020: measured 9.7 points.

This time, the one who drew attention in the cycle produced by LaFlia was Karina, La Princesita, thanks to its spring look.

“Karina also brought a little crown, it’s The Little Princess. What a move, eh!”, Ángel de Brito introduced her.

“Goddess!” Exclaimed the announcer Martín Salwe.


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