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Monday’s Rating: Telefe advanced Jesus and it worked


The station changed the start of the soap opera by 15 minutes. Also “Floricienta” continues to score well.

After winning the three stripes, Telefe stayed with the rating of Monday, September 7, by a difference of 1.5 point versus El Trece, its main competitor.

The most watched of the day was Jesus, the Brazilian novel starring Dudu Azevedo, which returned to the fore after a few weeks in which it had dropped some positions. He measured, in the ball channel, 13.2 points, with peaks of 14.

The key was that it started earlier (at 9.45pm instead of 10pm).

Near Jesus, in second place, also on Telefe, the cycle that is already all the rage on Argentine television afternoons was located: the repetition of Floricienta, with Florencia Bertotti. It reached 11.6 points.

Then, by the same station, three Turkish novels were located in string: And who are you? (11,2), Broken wings (11.1) and Elif (11).

In El Trece, in turn, the program with the highest audience was Singing 2020. The reality of LaFlia added 9.4 points.

In this case, the quartet round followed. The first couple to take to the track was the one made up of Fátima Florez, who replaced Carmen Barbieri, who is injured, and Mariano Zito.

Before singing, Fatima imitated Carmen speaking and gesturing in the manner of what the participant does in the previews.

The first controversy developed with Nacha Guevara, to whom Ángel De Brito asked if she, unlike what happens with Moria Casán, is bothered by being imitated.

The member of the jury became serious and maintained that it would take a long time to explain why she does not want to be imitated and said that whoever wants to know, look at her Instagram account, where she has already spoken at length on that topic.

The second unexpected consequence of the imitation that Fátima Florez did came from Carmen Barbieri herself who, from her Twitter account, threw a very hard stick. “Genia, Fatima. I love the Singing 2020. But that’s not me, “said the participant while she continues to rest because of the injury she suffered to her foot.

After a while, it is seen that Carmen Barbieri reflected on what she had expressed and added a much more flattering tweet for Fátima Florez and her work on the Cantando 2020 track. “I love Fátima. Thank you for being there, a star, a great artist “wrote the actress and director on the social network.

After the preview with the imitation that divided opinions, Fátima Florez and Mariano Zito interpreted The cat and the return came by the jury composed of Nacha Guevara, Karina La Princesita, Oscar Mediavilla and Moria Casán.

After stating that he was disconcerted not knowing whether he should give the return to Carmen or Fatima, Nacha Guevara declared: “You sang very well. Very professional. Very careful,” and rated the couple 8.

“Very complete. It was the time I liked it the most,” said Karina La Princesita, whose vote is secret.

In back of Singing 2020, it was The great prize of the kitchen. With the conduction of Carini Zampini, he measured 8.7 points.


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