Moncloa does not release coronavirus safety reports

The government proposes that a “popular” deputy travel to La Moncloa to discover the content of the reports

Prime Minister Pedro Snchez, this Tuesday, at the Sahel G-5 meeting in Mauritania.POOL

The government did not send the PP a copy of the daily alerts issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DSN) during the worst moments of the coronavirus pandemic and containing information about the severity of the disease.

Moncloa declined to send a copy of these alerts to Memberspopularthat they sued them, but proposed an ideasui generis: have one of them go to the department offices and browseon sitethe content of the reports “given the volume and nature” of the reports.

EL MUNDO said on Sunday, June 21, that Pedro Snchez received this type of warning about the coronavirus at his desk – early in the morning and via an encrypted channel – since January 24th. Daily reports from the DSN began to attest to the risks of the epidemic, first on the international stage and, subsequently, with a growing national focus.

The PP requested a copy of this documentation, as it believes that it is not secret, although it is treated in a reserved manner. The answer was given by the director of the DSN – which is a body dependent on the Presidential Office – who calledJuan Antonio Callejas, PP spokesman at the Mixed National Security Commission, so he was the one who had temporary and ocular access to the documents, under secrecy.

The role of Ivn Redondo

ThepopularThey categorically reject this possibility. “They hide something,” says Callejas, who blames Ivn Redondo, the prime minister’s cabinet director, for this “change”. “If he doesn’t give us a copy of the reports, it’s for a reason. What does he want us not to know, if he didn’t even say the notes were secret when he appeared in Congress?”, Asks the deputy.popular. “It is not typical of a serious government,” he says, “because the only thing we want to know, as an opposition, is the information that the president of the government had.”

The fact that he was offered to go only to him “totally violates the rules of Congress, because any signatory to the issue has the same right to access the information and because those notes must be public.” In addition, he would have to collect 170 reports in one morning and sign a “confidentiality” agreement, which would leave him “handcuffed”.



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