Chilean artist Mon Lafertepreparing his next album, which he expects to come out in 2021, in which he delves into the music of Mexico, the country in which he has lived for thirteen years and for whose artists he has great admiration, he explained this Wednesday in a virtual conference.

“After so many years I am presenting my first album of Mexican folklore, The album comes in that sense, although not necessarily everything with mariachi, there is also a northern band, a southern band because it catches my attention and many other sounds, “Laferte explained.

Another special feature of this album is that first he wrote the lyrics and then added the music, a procedure that is usually done in reverse and that helped him review his notes from two years ago.

“I had two years writing notes in a notebook of these thoughts, feelings, two-year-old poems. So In the middle of the pandemic I would sit down with my little wine or my mezcal and I would read. It could be torturous to look back but it was a different record. I always compose the music first and then the lyrics and now it was the other way around and it seemed to me that the best way to tell these stories was with Mexican folklore, “he said.

In addition, he will be presenting his music on November 5 for Latin America and on November 6 for Europe in a concert that he already recorded a few days ago and in which He really enjoyed it despite not having an audience to sing to.

A month ago he published Let our love be known beside Alejandro Fernandez, a topic that already has almost four million views on YouTube.

On the other hand, she recently surprised when she was seen in the iconic Garibaldi square with a group of mariachi women recording a video that will soon be released.

Singer Mon Laferte takes the protest from Chile to the red carpet of the Latin Grammys showing her chest

“It was very strange because we arrived and people began to arrive and playing Garibaldi apart with a women’s mariachi was incredible. It would be something I would do every weekend for sheer pleasure, “he noted.

In relation to the plebiscite last Sunday in Chile, in which for a large majority decided to write a new Constitution to replace the one inherited from the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990), Laferte was very excited since she was able to vote from Mexico.

“It was very exciting, I had not fallen on the 20th (realized) that it was being something too important, it is historical and when I was there with the role it was like ‘wow, this is super important’. The day was beautiful and the feeling that many people have is one of hope, taking into account that there is a lot of work ahead, “said the Chilean.

Laferte received two nominations in the Latin Grammy, that will take place on November 19, for best alternative song for Punishment Blues ya best rock song with Biutiful.

In 2019 she had already been awarded for her album Rule for best alternative album.