In a river article published a week before the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova, RISE Moldova brings to the public’s attention several notes and reports about some of the current candidates, but also other key politicians from the “Chernov Archive”. There are texts for the so-called “Moldovan subdivisions” of the Kremlin, led by Igor Maslov, colonel of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of the Russian Federation. The name of the archive comes from Vladimir Chernov, head of the Department for Interregional and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, ie the target countries, including especially the Republic of Moldova.

According to RISE Moldova, people from the Kremlin collected some of their information from open sources, and others obtained it from confidential sources in the Republic of Moldova. Based on this information, they drew up detailed profiles of Moldovan politicians and delivered them directly to the Putin administration. Not even the press escapes their sights.

Igor Dodon, the Kremlin’s pawn

In a note from December 2019, the Kremlin expressed its appreciation for the actions taken in the Republic of Moldova by President Igor Dodon, known for his obedience to Vladimir Putin.

“June 8 (2019 – note RISE Moldova) – in accordance with the recommendations of D. Kozak (Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of trade and economic relations with Moldova) renounced the secret agreements with V. Plahotniuc and supported the signing by PSRM and NOW of a political cooperation agreement, the formation of a parliamentary majority and the Government ”.

“June 19 – in an interview for the television station” Rossia 24 “revealed the importance of promoting a balanced foreign policy and returning to a normal dialogue with the FR (Russian Federation, ed.)”.

“August 24 – under his auspices in Chisinau festive activities were held on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Moldova from fascism, he had a meeting with S. Şoigu (Serghei Şoigu, Russian Minister of Defense, ed.) arrived on an unofficial visit to participate in those events ”.

“September 18 – in Chisinau, he had a meeting with D. Patrushev (son of the Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, Minister of Agriculture of the FR) during which he welcomed the resumption of the IGC (Moldovan-Russian Intergovernmental Commission) and the signing of the Minutes of the meeting “.

Vladimir Plahotniuc, adventurous and intriguing

According to RISE Moldova, oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc was labeled in the Kremlin since 2014 as an “adventurer and intriguer” – an assessment given on the basis of the EU – but also “the shadow master of Moldova.”

“In August 2013, Plahotniuc allegedly had a meeting with the US Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, W. Moser, during which he presented a report on his struggle with” Russian influence in Moldova “and with the PCRM (Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova, ed. .). The oligarch called for protection against the accusations of London and Nicosia of raider attacks, offering instead a program and some guarantees for the final dismantling of the PCRM and the “neutralization” of V. Voronin (former Moldovan communist president Vladimir Voronin, ed. ). In EU leadership circles, Plahotniuc has an unbeatable reputation as an adventurer and intriguer.

The Kremlin in particular sought possible contacts between Plahotniuc and his geopolitical opponents.

“According to the statements made by I. Dodon personally, from January 1, 2020, the media resources of V. Plahotniuc’s holding company would be” maintained “by the USA through the grants offered by USAID. The decision was taken at the US Embassy before New Year’s Eve (from 2020, note RISE Moldova) “.

Maia Sandu, promoter of “Romanianization”

From a note written in the second half of 2015 about the current leader of the Action and Solidarity Party, Maia Sandu, who is running for president, we can find out that “In the circles of experts, this was noted by an undisguised pro-Western orientation, close connections with V. Filat (Vlad Filat, former prime minister and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova) and the policy of Romanianization of educational institutions in Moldova on who promoted it ”.

“He declared himself against PDM’s control over the justice, the Prosecutor’s Office and the judiciary in the Republic of Moldova. He has close connections with the USA, participates in the activities of American-sponsored NGOs. In the West, she is seen as the candidate for the position of Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova with the highest prospects “, the authors noted.

The portrait of Renato Usatii

The biographical note of Renato Usatii, candidate for president as mayor of Balti and leader of Our Party, was drafted in the second half of 2015. The note drafted by the Kremlin specifically mentioned the attraction of the politician for Moscow: “R. Usatii is consistently advocating for close economic, political, cultural, spiritual and humanitarian relations with Russia. It is willing for constructive cooperation with the Russian side. Given his entrepreneurial activity, political opponents often attributed to R. Usatii connections with the criminal world, however, these statements do not correspond to reality.

Connections with Ukraine and Usatii’s Comparison with God

The Kremlin also turned its attention to one of the close supporters of Usatii, the former interim mayor of Bălţi Nicolai Grigorişin. Kremlin employees were interested in information about Grigorishin’s business relations in Ukraine, RISE Moldova reports. Under the heading “Personal characteristic”, his profile was outlined as follows in 2018: “He is considered a business partner close to R. Usatii. It is known thanks to the phrase spoken in public: Renato Usatii can only be compared to God! ”.

Collaborators of the “Moldovan subdivision”

RISE Moldova managed to identify some of the authors of these characteristics and tried to contact them by phone to ask them questions about their activity within the “Moldovan subdivision”. Not everyone responded, notes the quoted source.

Their boss, Igor Maslov, and Aleksei Negodov, who writes biographical notes about Moldovan politicians, did not answer the phone.

Vasili Kashirin (38) responded, but declined to comment: “I work for the state and I am strictly forbidden to talk to the press. Not only with the foreign one, but also with the one from the Russian Federation. So, excuse me”.

Andrei Rusnakov (52) answered the phone, claiming to be “very busy”, after which he did not answer. Rusnakov is in contact with dignitaries in the Transnistrian region and Gagauzia. Among them are the leaders of the Institute for Social-Political Studies and Regional Development in Tiraspol: Igor Shornikov and Vera Tabak, the former so-called first lady of “Transnistria. Likewise, Rusakov is in contact with the former head of the Ministry of Interior of the unrecognized Dniester Moldovan Republic – Nina Shevchuk (Stanski) but also with the president of the Movement “Fatherland – Eurasian Union” – Igor Tuleantev, remarks RISE Moldova.

Tulentev also claims that he does not know Rusnakov. “The name Rusakov doesn’t tell me anything. The picture is not known to me. However, I do not rule out the possibility of communicating with this person in the various events that were attended by hundreds of people and where it is absolutely impossible to memorize each one. After all, it doesn’t even make sense to memorize each one. I have a pretty wide and interesting circle of communication. The given person is not one of those with whom I communicate “.

Svetlana Voronin is another Kremlin collaborator for the Republic of Moldova, drafting political statements. Contacted by RISE Moldova, the young woman answered the phone, but asked the reporters to come back because she could not hear them well. She later refused to answer.