Luka Modric He is one of the players most loved by the Real Madrid fans. The Croatian has started his ninth season at the white club, a true veteran who he hopes he can end his days in the same shirt.

From the concentration of his team, the Croatian captain went through the microphones of ‘El Partidazo’ of Cadena Cope and, in addition to various sporting issues, addressed his hard childhood, developed in the middle of the Croatian war of independence.

A conflict that ended the life of his grandfather: “I had an incredible relationship with my grandfather, because my parents worked and I spent a lot of time with him. What happened to him was very sad, and it marked me because he was very young and a very important person. It affected me a lot. He was small and was not yet aware of why some things happen. I have recorded things, how they went to find him …“, Explain.

An episode that forced them to go to the small town of Zadar as refugees: “I was six years old and lived with my parents and a little sister. The four of us lived in 20 square meters. I cannot say that my childhood was not happy, it was hard, but I remember the joy “, says Modric, whose always cheerful character contrasts with what he experienced as a child.

However, he believes that this dramatic situation helps him precisely to be the way he is now: “I’m sure everything that happened has shaped me as a person, but my parents have a lot of merit, as they taught me to behave, respect, be humble, and it sure has helped me “.

Playing soccer … with the bombs falling

During that stage of refugee in Zaldar, Modric played non-stop football with other boys, although in very special circumstances: “Bombs would often fall, maybe a hundred meters away, and we had to run to the bunker before training again or go home. He wasn’t crying, he knew something bad was happening, but there were a lot of people and the kids played when we could, “says the Madrid player ’10’, who says he feared every day that his father would return home.

From Mourinho to Zidane

Luka Modric thanked Mourinho his key role in the signing of the Croatian for Real Madrid and regretted having coincided with him for only one year: “It’s hard but he always went straight ahead, I like honest people“.

“Mourinho always went forward, I like honest people”

The ’10’ was also very grateful to Carlo Ancelotti, with whom Madrid achieved the long-awaited ‘Decima’ and with whom Modric still maintains contact: “We talk from time to time.”

And about Zidane, all praise: “What he has done with us is something unrepeatable, because I don’t know if someone will be able to repeat it. People still don’t appreciate him as a coach, he is always questioned, but he is one of the best coaches. Hopefully everyone thinks he is untouchable in Madrid. “

Bale and Madrid withdrawal

Modric and Gareth Bale They were already teammates at Tottenham and then they have roasted seven years in Madrid, a period that the Croatian hopes to be valued as the Welshman deserves: “He is a spectacular, shy guy, like me. What is said about him is not fair , He is judged for the last years, but what he has done in Madrid is impressive. He will always be remembered for what he did for the club. He never had a problem in the dressing room, “he said.

“He spoke Spanish, he did not give interviews but he spoke with us. It is true that in recent years many things have come out and what he has done is forgotten, but in the future it will be remembered that he has been an incredible player for Real Madrid, “added the Croatian.

On the other hand, Luka Modric suggests that maybe he will stay to live in Madrid when he retires, as is his wish, wearing the white shirt: “If I had to decide now, it would be like this.”