The microphone comes in a small travel case, along with its accessories, which are the following: a USB receiver, two USB cables, charging and extension, an additional magnetic holder, an alcohol wipe for cleaning, the pop filter and more paper adhesives, in addition to the instruction papers that I really recommend you read here.

Attaching to a pair of headphones is very easy: remove the foil from the edge of the microphone and simply glue it to the outside of one of the cups. I recommend that you think very carefully about which pair of headphones you want to use ModMic. Considering that you attach a microphone, most likely we are not talking about a pair of gaming headphones, but an everyday one, which you like a lot and which is hard for you to break up, even when you play.

The main problem is that the magnetic base that attaches to the headphones is a bit difficult to take off afterwards – you can give up the microphone if, say, you want to take the headphones out, but that little magnet will remain on their edge. In addition, it doesn’t help much to take it off, so if you are considering buying a ModMic Wireless, it would be good to keep in mind the pair of headphones that will be installed.

Easy and fast installation

Finally, the installation process is quite easy (just press the buttons on the microphone and the USB receiver at the same time) although it seems that you are recommended to use the right cup rather than the left one – if you use the last one , the charging port is facing up, not down, and the Antlion Audio logo is also positioned upside down. I find it a little strange decision, considering that most gaming headphones position the microphone on the left side.

The microphone also has an LED indicator that is blue when the microphone is on, yellow when it is charging, and red when it is off.

But we come to the most important part of this microphone – the audio quality. The figures show that it can provide a sound quality similar to the DVD level, while the frequency response is also close to that of wired microphones, thanks to the aptX Bluetooth codec, which provides data transfer of up to 5 times faster than normal Bluetooth.

Excellent audio quality

ModMic Wireless Audio Headphone - Gives a voice to your favorite headphones without a microphone (TECH REVIEW)

Your voice is clear, it certainly sounds much better than a set of gaming headphones at the same price. It’s very sensitive, which I liked, but it’s good to check your sound level before entering Discord or the Zoom call. The flexible arm is very sturdy and a little hard to bend, but that means that once put in a certain position, you can be sure that it will stay there.

The button on the microphone also has the Quick Mute function, and next to the boom you will find the possibility to switch from unidirectional to omnidirectional mode (or, as they are called by those from Antlion, Broadcast-Quality Mode and Noise-Canceling Mode).

The last aspect is the battery, because we are still talking about a wireless microphone, which still needs to be charged. Here I am a little disappointed, because the battery lasts 12 hours, which may seem like a lot, but when I use Discord for example, it means a charge every 3 days. Finally, you can leave it loaded during the day or you can keep it loaded when you use it, if you “mount” it on the right bucket.

ModMic Wireless from Antlion Audio is a niche product, that’s for sure. It offers very good quality voice playback, and can be used on many platforms, from Windows, Mac, Linux or even PS4 gaming consoles. It’s not cheap, at the approximately $ 120 it requires, but if you have a good pair of headphones that you love and use for gaming and listening to music, it can be an excellent solution.