Moderna vaccine also appears to protect more than 90 percent of people

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The corona vaccine that Moderna is developing is 94.5 percent effective, according to the first research results, the American pharmaceutical company reports Monday. According to Moderna, no major problems were identified during the vaccine testing.

European Commission is in talks with Moderna

It is the second time this month that there has been promising news about a potential corona vaccine. Last week it was announced that Pfizer’s vaccine is 90 percent effective.

Moderna used approximately 30,000 subjects for the tests. Some received the candidate vaccine, others a placebo. Ninety people contracted the corona virus in that control group. Only five people were infected with the people who received the Moderna drug.

The European regulator for medicines (EMA) has announced that it is investigating whether the vaccine is suitable for marketing. The pharmaceutical product is given an accelerated assessment, a so-called rolling review.

Normally, drug manufacturers only ask for authorization when the trials with a new drug have been completed. At a rolling review the regulators watch over the shoulders of the pharmaceutical companies as their data comes in.

The European Commission is currently conducting exploratory talks with Moderna. If development of the vaccine goes well and it is allowed to enter the European market, Member States of the European Union will likely have the option to purchase a total of 80 million vaccines from Moderna with an option for an additional 80 million doses.

No definitive contract has yet been concluded with the pharmaceutical company, as is the case with Pfizer.



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