Lived in the fall of 1997 as a 24-year-old model Amy Dorris had arrived from Florida to New York. Her then boyfriend Jason Binn was a 51-year-old real estate mogul Donald Trumpin good friend.

All the ingredients for a dream vacation existed. Unfortunately, the trip to New York was remembered by Dorris only for the wrong reasons.

– I imagined then that I could do anything. I was not afraid of anything. I was quite outgoing and also a little naive, Dorris begins with an interview with The Guardian.

The jump into the adult world happened unexpectedly and unsolicited. Dorris had been invited to Trump’s VIP fence to watch the US Open of tennis when he was approached by the host.

– He just dipped his tongue deep in my throat. I tried to shake off, but his grip tightened. Trump’s hands rattled my buttocks, breasts, and back, Dorris times his sore memory.

– I didn’t get free.

Dorris admits he did not want to report the crime immediately to the police. He planned to deal with the matter in peace, but ended up burying it for more than 20 years.

He doesn’t want to do it anymore.

– Now I feel like I want my daughters to know that they should not let anyone do anything against their will. I’d love to role model in it. I want them to see that I just wasn’t silent, today 48-year-old Dorris continues.

Trump was married to his second wife at the time, Marla Maplesin with.

– Trump seemed like a guy who imagined he was entitled to anything. I’m so tired that he can continue this. I have permeated to be quiet. I want people to know what kind of man the president is.

The Guardian has also received Trump’s lawyers’ response to the allegations. They say Trump vehemently denies ever harassing, exploiting or otherwise behaving inappropriately towards Dorris.

According to them, the timing of the exit may indicate political intentions.