The Tuesday afternoon in September begins to dim beautifully in Suvilahti, Helsinki. The heat of late summer has been going on for a long time and the first leaves are starting to show signs of yellowing. The Asphalt Square has actually been largely deserted throughout the year due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Not today.

There are a huge number of imaging cars, containers and a lot of people in front of the gas clock. In front of the tent canopy, a man in his black lumbar garment also swings. He has a face mask, but not one related to the coronavirus, but a painting. There is a smile behind it.

He is the second vocalist of the Finnish industrial metal band Turmion Kätilöt Saku Solin. The band was supposed to leave Europe in 2020 with Nightwish, among others, but the pandemic ruined everything. Today they appear in Tuska Utopia’s tourism program.

– Special tasks, special tasks, Solin says in a good mood.

The concert itself is full of lights and pyrotechnics, which creates a completely unique atmosphere inside the Gas Clock in the night ahead. The film crew records the gig from several different angles and the band plays some of their songs twice.

The audience just forgets that the music comes from the ear monitor instead of the PA hardware.

The soul landscape of Hevimaa

The concert of Turmio’s Midwives at Kaasukello is the first of Tuska Utopia’s three episodes. Managing director Eeka Mäkynen says it is “the soul landscape of the undisputed heaviness of the world in audiovisual form”.

Concert events and tourism have been severely restricted. According to Mäkynen, the purpose of the new format is to offer them. Tuska Utopia is a kind of combination of streaming gigs, music videos and travel. You get a taste of the first episode trailer driver.

– On behalf of Pain, we thought we wanted to do something we looked like. We want the experience to be holistic. If Pain does something, it is done properly.

Mäkynen says that there have also been streamed gigs in Finland during the Korona period. The Tuska Festival has become such a brand that they didn’t want to go make a stubble version.

– We have been at record levels before the ban. We, the audience and the bands have had high expectations. If they had been redeemed as such an opelcor version, it would have been a wet place.

Instead, in Mäkynen’s opinion, it was clear that the first episode of Tuska Utopia starts in Suvilahti, ie where Tuska is organized. Ground zero. According to Mäkynen, the authors have had an atmosphere like during the festival week. The air vibrates and excites.

Music is the heart

Supervisor Taku Kaskela says it’s a great idea to take domestic bands to domestic locations. Shooting locations are neither the most common nor the technically easiest. However, according to the director, the end result allows for something more visually interesting than the base stage.

Kaskela, who has directed the Stars, Stars program and music videos by Amorphis and Apocalyptica, among others, describes the project as great. As a director, he has been able to play within the genre, offering metal and non-metal stuff in one package.

– It combines landscapes familiar to us Finns, but they have been raised so that there are fantastic elements. They are more music video-like. Everything is done on music terms. Even if it has what’s around and on, music is definitely that heart.

Tuska’s organization plans that Tuska Utopia will become a permanent part of the business. It is therefore not just a matter of compensating when events cannot be organized. There are up to some bands of interest. New locations are already being searched.

The concert of Turmio’s Midwives will be performed on Friday, November 13 at 9 p.m. It will be on view 48 hours after the show. The next two concerts have not yet been revealed. They will be presented on the week of 20.11. and 27.11. Links to gigs and ticket sales can be found on Tuska’s own website, among other things.