On Saturday, Miss Finland’s crown was given to a Tampere resident Viivi Altonen, 23, who was embarrassed and happy by his victory.

He said he was completely surprised by the choice.

– I really wouldn’t have thought. It was the fulfillment of my dreams. I wanted this so much. I wanted to grow, he pondered for Iltalehti.

– Now I’m grown and I got this crown! I want to thank everyone who has helped me on this journey. I have had a mentor in Thailand who has done an icy job with me, he praised.

Viivi said she was celebrating with a mission crew to celebrate the victory.

– Then there’s work again. That’s where Miss Finland’s life begins! He said.

– I hope I get a lot of work done. I’ve done representation work to do and work on the model and TV job. I’m open to everything. I have a day job H & M clothes shop and studying in the University of Tampere.

Thank you Miss Finland also wanted to say to her family. Shortly after the coronation, she was swept to the side by her own mother, who has encouraged her throughout the mission trip. The hug after the victory was a moving one to follow. The mother has helped and supported through even difficult experiences.

– I have a wonderful family that supports me. I wouldn’t sit here without them.

Missed the race

Altonen said she wanted to be Miss Finland, who can also show that a person does not have to be perfect. Everything can be overcome – even from difficult experiences. Viivi participated in the Miss Finland competition already in 2016. At that time, she dropped out of the competitions in the very last meters. The reason for this was the drunk driving sentence that Altonen received at the age of 18.

Evening News Earlier, in June 2015, the Pirkanmaa District Court sentenced Altonen to a four-month driving ban and pay a 45-day fine, totaling 270 euros. I stop according to him, he blew 0.52 per mille into the breathalyzer at the time of capture, while the limit of drunk driving is 0.5 per mille.

Viivi still stands behind his decision: in that situation, it was right to opt out of the race. It was worthwhile because he had time to reflect on what happened and grow up as a person over four years.

– It wasn’t yet my time to go to the race. I wouldn’t have been ready then, he said.

– I felt then that I was not a good role model for people, when there was so little time for that judgment. I really wanted that I can come here on the stage and say that I have learned from my actions. That’s what I did and it was the right decision. I think everyone deserves a second chance. I got big chicks from my mother that I still went along with this.

Altonen said that he learned temperance from the experience.

– I really wouldn’t go driving any more alcohol. I learned through this heel. I don’t want to be perfect. I hope people can identify with the idea that we can learn from mistakes. I want everyone to dare to go and pursue their dreams. It took a lot that I dared to come here.

“I like to talk”

Fresh Miss Finland is single. He told Iltalehti that he is not looking cliché for hockey players, but men who are confident.

– I look at men who are purposeful and make me laugh. The man goes into my spontaneous stuff according to me, but with whom you can also chat, he lists qualities that please the opposite sex.

– I’m the kind of guy who likes to talk.

Viivi Altonen said that she is waiting for the Miss Universum competitions, which are her big dream.

– I hope I get to continue the charity project, which I’ve done.