Recently, the former Miss Finland Michaela Söderholm, 28, has found that smiling makes little difference. I have been hopeful and grateful. After a more difficult phase, the pieces of life have fallen into place. Every day he works in a job in his own field and is next door to the male friend of his dreams.

However, good things had to be expected. After graduating from Laajasalo College, he wrote more than a hundred job applications in a sweat hat before finding a job at the production company IYUNO Media Group.

Before meeting a hockey player Michael Keränen, 30, with the back there was a difference that left the heart with tenderness. However, from the first early winter dates, the thing was clear – something pulled the pair together.

– I have not been spared heartbreaking and crying. Everything has a purpose – now you can say so because there is such a person like Michael alongside. I would venture to say that I’m happier than ever! says Michaela Söderholm to Iltalehti.

– It always makes you wonder if you dare to glow your own happiness. Should happiness be hidden? I guess I too can be happy in this life and it gets visible.

College for the world of work

That kind of healthy selfishness Miss Miss is said to have learned in her life. As a kind character, throwing yourself into the Miss Finland spin provided a lot of places to learn. There was a lot of publicity, and some side effects confused young Michael.

– I was crowned in 2017. It surprised how much was followed during the miss year, how many shared photos and dating requests came. My worst fear was that my friends would turn my back on me if I changed their eyes as a person. It was important for me to stay on my own. However, I am only Michaela, she smiles, but the look in the eyes is serious.

Publicity made people think more about people’s intentions.

– In social media, I wondered several times, dare I respond to people’s messages when you can not know who is behind the screen really is. I still remember how one man asked me for coffee, and when I didn’t immediately respond to that request, he put the message “Kill ittes”. Even after I’ve been thinking, who dare to approach, and what I would say. I fully understand why many public figures end up with another public figure.

Neighbor-nudity is still part of Michael: she says she lives a very twinkling everyday life in her day job and fitness. The Miss Beauty, who applied for the media field, graduated from Laajasalo College in June 2019, and a permanent job did not open until.

– Of course I did plot gigs and filming gigs. However, I was looking for a permanent job all the time. I don’t even remember how many job interviews I attended. I also sent open applications, which then spawned this current job at a production company that dubbed children’s films and series, he says happily.

As a project coordinator for a production company, the days are varied and meaningful. After five months of work, the work feels at home.

– The actors are great personalities. I especially raise my hat for children’s actors, they do that work as professionals. I myself have tested the booth dubbing, and brings job requires throwing oneself.

Soul mates

The fear of losing friends in the mission round was futile. Michaela says she is lucky to be supported by a small but close group of friends. As a family-oriented person, he is happy that his male friend Michael Keränen also shares similar life values.

There is so much in common that no distance is pressed in that horizontal cup.

– When I lived in England, I had a few boyfriends and some dating during those years. That’s when I thought I would never be in a long distance relationship if I moved back to Finland. When I moved from London to Helsinki, I said goodbye to one person because I would not have been ready for a long distance relationship then. Now, it’s funny that I’m in a situation where the other one lives elsewhere, albeit only a couple of hours away, Michaela says.

He had never before met anyone on a blind date on a friend’s recommendation. Michaela dated Michael for a long time. After the date, it became clear that neither of them knew much about each other after all.

– Micke is wonderful! I was uncertain at first. I wondered what he might think if he saw the headlines from the end of the previous relationship. I wondered if I was moving too fast into what others thought. However, I decided to forget the opinions of others and focus on my own life. Fortunately, we have been able to get to know each other in peace.

– Corona time was our luck. The work of both ended and we had plenty of time to get to know each other. We get to know each other really well.

In the previous relationship, love was kept hidden, now Michaela wanted to bring out her happiness. In July, he expressed his love on Instagram by sharing a picture with Michael.

– I didn’t know what kind of reaction the picture would evoke in people. The reception was thankfully warm and I received wonderful comments.

Together towards the future

In this lot, Michael has a home in Helsinki, while hockey player gold lives in Tampere. Views are summed up by expenses, the phone is spoken daily. Still, the miss is raging, Michaela admits.

– Living together is not an excluded thing. It’s so good to be with Micken! He was my support when our family dog ​​was killed in February. Not everyone would understand the grief associated with such a renunciation.

– Caring is reflected in small everyday actions, which I greatly appreciate. There have also been loves where the relationship has not been the number one thing for the other.

The couple gets to meet the newcomer to the family circle together in the fall: Michael’s parents get a puppy that Miss Miss is excited about.

– A little lovely girl dog is coming to our family! I look forward to seeing him.

It is also not self-evident from Michael that he can talk things through in a relationship. It is important for him to be able to communicate with another regardless of the situation.

– We can talk, even though we are not carved in the same fashion in everything. At Mickey, I like the sense of humor and kindness he has. Like-mindedness is also evident in that feeling. I simply feel safe with him. Even if I had dream sand in my eyes in the morning and my hair messed up, she says make me beautiful. It feels wonderful.

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