The third Stanley Cup final started with two Finnish errors that cost the goal.

First Miro Heiskanen compresses Ondrej Palatin under pressure and bait Nikita Kutsherovin through.

Kutsherov pressed the puck to the bottom corner.

One and a half minutes later That Lindellille there was a game read error on the defensive blue, and Steven Stamkos slipped through.

Stamkos pressed the puck to the top corner.

On top of that Joel Kiviranta destroyed the supremacy of Stars on its screening ice shelf.

In the middle of Finnish birth Roope Hintz raised his head. He won a winger against two Lightning players and served Jason Dickinsonille, with a one-timer gleaming in the front corner.

Hintz have scored 13 (2 + 11) points in 24 playoff matches.

Dear cool

Stamkos, an experienced skipper from Lightning, returned to the box after a 211-day break.

– Whether it’s superiority or five against five, but when he gets the puck in the attack area, the result may come, Commander Lightning Jon Cooper snapped under the match.

Stamkos played in the opening round for 2.47 minutes but did not appear on the ice after the break.

The Lightning herd was not surprised and scored a really big goal at the beginning of the second half. Victor Hedman snatched the tenth of the playoffs.

Hedman scored significantly Alex Radulovin an unnecessary hook second taken right at the end of the opening round.

Stamkos arrived from the booth in the middle of the batch and was happy to see the 3-1 readings on the board – and soon the 4-1 readings, thanks to Stars’ substitution error.

Kutsherov ja Brayden Point escaped the onslaught of superiority against the lone Lindell. Kutsherov served, Point painted.

Lindell’s power column drew three degrees of frost.

The weekend continues

Heiskanen’s narrowing of the final set was cosmetic in terms of the result, but it added more plush to his playoff balance: 24 (6 + 18) points.

Lightning took a 5-2 win with a really strong performance. The level difference on the ice was at least the size of the winning numbers.

Lightning leads the final series with wins 2-1.

The fourth match will be played in Finnish time early on Saturday morning, the fifth on Sunday morning.

The Stanley Cup lifting trees can be reached by winning Four.