Minister Van Ark still gives permission for the Women’s Eredivisie to continue

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Despite the tightened corona measures, the Women’s Eredivisie can continue. This was announced by Minister Tamara van Ark of Medical Care and Sports on Wednesday in the corona debate in the Lower House.

“Let me be very clear about it, what applies to men also applies to women”, she answered questions from GroenLinks.

Earlier in the day, the KNVB was told by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport that the Women’s Eredivisie, like almost all other competitions, had to be shut down for at least four weeks. The exception to the corona measures would only apply to male professional football players in the Eredivisie and Kitchen Champion Division.

However, Van Ark came up with another lecture and quickly entered into talks with the KNVB. “I am going to talk to them about how they will also apply the agreements with men’s football that have to do with the sporting bubble and the medical supervision for the women in the Eredivisie.”

The reports from the KNVB about the closure of the Women’s Eredivisie led to a lot of misunderstanding among the clubs. Daphne Koster, Ajax’s manager of women’s football, spoke of a ‘relapse into old ways of thinking’.

The Women’s Eredivisie started at the beginning of September and has now been underway for four rounds. Just like with the men, the previous season was ended prematurely due to the corona pandemic.



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