Minister of Economy: “Half of the masks on sale do not protect”

The Minister of Economy drew attention to the fact that half of the protective masks on trade are “non-compliant”. As a result, it does not protect you from infection with the new coronavirus.

One of the main arguments of those in the “No Mouth” movement is that protective masks do not protect you from possible infection. Unfortunately, although they integrate a number of other conspiracies into their arguments, at least on this subject, they may be right. The confirmation comes from the Minister of Economy. If he doesn’t know how things work in Romania either, then who?

“I am disappointed with the quality of the face masks on the market at the moment. If I tell you that half of the masks currently on sale in distribution networks – hypermarkets, pharmacies, warehouses, importers – do not respect, that is, do not protect us, you would say that I am exaggerating, but that is the reality. I want to send a very clear message that this must stop. We cannot accept the sale of masks that do not protect the population “, said Minister Virgil Popescu a few days ago.

But the shocking part is not the statement itself, but the lack of a solution. The latter does not seem to exist, and people still have to take a risk of living in Romania. In addition to the fact that you may become infected with Covid-19 in the hospital or that you may lose your life in a fire at ATI, you should keep in mind that even the usual purchase of a protective mask can leads to loss of life.

A tiny consequence of this disastrous situation is the loss of confidence in a PNL government that has made many uninspired decisions. While those may be associated with ignorance, when you tolerate the sale of non-compliant masks in proportion of 50% it is rather unconscious. The fact that the director of Unifarm, Adrian Ionel Eugen, who received a bribe of 760,000 euros for the purchase of masks does not help either. it was a close NLP.


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