The Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, passed this Wednesday through the set of ‘La hora de la 1’, the new format of public television to cover the mornings. There he addressed the controversial issue of bookmaker advertising in football, a circumstance that, as it progressed, will no longer be a problem.

“We are stipulating a reasonable time but it will be very short,” he said, to definitively implement the measure, of which the clubs have already been notified.

In addition, the minister has appealed to the social responsibility that sports entities, especially football, exert on young people.

Garzón has assured that soon The announcements of bookmakers will be limited to the strip from one to 5 in the morning and that they will disappear from football stadiums.

“There are neighborhoods where there are many more bookmakers than green spaces”commented the minister. “We are waiting for the last phase of the limitation in a Royal Decree and we will address the issue in a comprehensive manner,” Garzón added.