Those who waste hours in Minecraft know that the experience pays to be casual or total immersion, given the infinite possibilities of creation and exploration that the game offers.

To provide a deeper dimension of immersion, since 2016 Minecraft officially entered the virtual reality, so the only versions that have this support are Minecraft: Gear VR Edition and Minecraft for Windows 10 with Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

But from this September Mojang’s game will boast support also in PlayStation VR.

The announcement came through an entry posted in the official blog from PlayStation and signed by Roger Carpenter from Mojang, where it was reported that this initiative arose since Sony allowed cross-play.

It was also announced that at this time the study is polishing the final details and that the support will arrive via free patch that will allow access to the functionality Minecraft VR.

In case there is confusion, Minecraft VR is exactly the same game, but adapted and optimized for virtual reality headsets.

‘The experience Minecraft x PlayStation VR It is based on the Minecraft VR technology that we developed for other virtual reality platforms a few years ago. SkyBox Labs took that and has been applying its magic in order to convert and optimize it for PS VR, it reads at the entrance.

To play Minecraft VR on PlayStation 4 it is obviously necessary to have the base game and with PlayStation VR.

‘Everyone who has Minecraft on PlayStation 4 will receive automatically the patch’, show Mojang.

The gaming experience is the same, as the DualShock 4 it continues to serve the same functions. The only difference is the perspective of total immersion.

He free patch this will come later September, although the exact day was not provided.