We will erase all of it and begin again. After losing the first two games on the floor at Phoenix, I was very disappointed to be in the 2021 finals. Milwaukee brought back the suspense when they won their second consecutive home match (109-103) on Wednesday in game 4.The Bucks were still led by a tremendous Khris Middleton (40 point), and thus returned to the heights before Friday’s fifth meeting between these two teams. Devin Booker (leading scorer in Wisconsin) is warned that Milwaukee is determined not to repeat the fate of 1974 against Boston (loss 4)..pepsia

Even though Phoenix was able padlock Giannis Antetokounmpo a bit better than the previous two meetings (the Greek had over 40 points), it was important to remember that Middleton is, when he has reached the level at which his game has improved since the beginning of these finals, undoubtedly one the most talented wingers in League. It was evident again Wednesday, particularly during the finals.Amazing money time, which saw the Eastern Conference third overthrown in just five minutesIn the regular season, Jazz in West was the runner up. A counter Antetokounmpo by Ayton and a loss in the worst moment of a Chris Paul in very minor form (10 points. 4 rebound. 7 assists. 5 missed balls) in particular decidedly tipped it in the Bucks’ favor. We asked for more.



Match 1 – Phoenix Suns – Milwaukee Bucks : 118-105
Match 2 – Phoenix Suns – Milwaukee Bucks : 118-108
Match 3 – Milwaukee Bucks – Phoenix Suns : 120-100
Match 4: Milwaukee Bucks – Phoenix Suns : 109-103
Match 5, le 17 juillet : Phoenix Suns – Milwaukee Bucks
Match 6, le 20 juillet : Milwaukee Bucks – Phoenix Suns
Game 7, if necessary, July 22: Phoenix Suns at Milwaukee Bucks