It took 50 years to find the successors of Oscar Robertson (at the time, Lew Alcindor) and Kareem AbdulJabbar (at that time, Lew Alcindor), as NBA champions in Milwaukee. The Wisconsin franchise became a sacrament in 1971, after just three years of existence. It also experienced a long period without basketball, including a disputed 1974 season and missed seasons such as the premiere of Giannis Antookounmpo. In 2013-14, the Eastern Conference’s last playoff with only 15 wins. However, the franchise has grown slowly, around Khris and the Greek (arrived in 2012), to win Tuesday’s supreme title: NBA champion after a fourth win in six against Phoenix.The score was 105-98 before 17,397 enthusiastic fans at the Fiserv Forum and thousands more in the room. Milwaukee was also added to the list. After falling 2-0 in final, only four teams have won the Larry O’Brien trophy. .

Antetokounmpo in the top

The Bucks had the chance to finish at home, and avoid a potentially dangerous Game 7 in Arizona. It was a great opportunity for them, though it was not easy. The Bucks got off to an excellent start. They led by thirteen points at quarter’s end, but Phoenix regained control and took a six-point lead at halftime. This will be the Suns’ largest lead in this match. Midway through the third quarter, Milwaukee regained the lead. With 10’14 left, the score was even at 82-82. The Bucks were a steamroller and took the trophy home in the final minutes. They had several 4-0 series and a large defense. This meeting saw the Greek score no less than 50 points: 10 in quarter one, 7 in quarter two, 20 in third, and 13 in the final. He was able to manage a remarkable 17 of 19 free throws and also added 14 rebounds, 5 blocks.This allowed him to be awarded the MVP trophy for the Finals. This trophy is in addition to the NBA champion title, and also double regular season MVP (2019, 2020), and best defender (in 2020), respectively. He’s only 26 years of age and has a contract through 2026 for the Bucks.

Toupane, sixth holy French

Like Milwaukee’s previous three games, the “Greek Freak” has been well surrounded. This includes a Khris Middleton (17 points), 5 rebounds and 5 assists, 4 steals, and a Jrue holiday (12 points and 11 assists). . Axel Toupane is not playing, but he still becomes sixth Frenchman to win a champion’s title after Rodrigue Beaubois, Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Rodrigue Belois, Ian Mahinmi, and Rodrigue Beaubois with San Antonio. Ronny Turiaf with Miami. This very beautiful season for the Suns ends at the bottom.Monty Williams’ players were no longer able to defeat these powerful Bucks. A Devin Booker, for example, scored only 19 points (8 out of 22) on shots that included 0/7 at 3-points.Chris Paul, 36, won his first Finals and scored 26 points. Milwaukee was still the strongest team of this season. Even though everyone is already thinking about the next coronation, the season ends with this coronation. The Draft will take place on Thursday.



Match 1 – Phoenix Suns – Milwaukee Bucks : 118-105
Match 2 – Phoenix Suns – Milwaukee Bucks : 118-108
Match 3 – Milwaukee Bucks – Phoenix Suns : 120-100
Match 4 – Milwaukee Bucks – Phoenix Suns : 109-103
Match 5 – Phoenix Suns – Milwaukee Bucks119-123
Match 6 – Milwaukee Bucks – Phoenix Suns : 105-98
>>> Axel Toupane, MIL (Military Independent League) did not play. The coach made the decision.