Millie Bobby Brown explains the final sentence of the film [Spoiler]

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Millie Bobby Brown, star of Enola Holmes, comments on the closing line of the Netflix movie about Sherlock Holmes’ sister, explaining its meaning.

If you are reading this article, you have surely seen it at least once Enola Holmes. If, on the other hand, you are a bit sadistic and want for some strange reason to know the ending of the Netflix movie, and above all the meaning of the last line that is spoken, then go ahead at your own risk.

The latest images of the thriller for young adults with Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill e Sam Claflin which tells of the sister of Sherlock Holmes ends with Enola now happy in London who tells what turn his life has taken. The character addresses the viewer directly, looking into the camera, and utters words of hope, especially for women, reaffirming the film’s feminist message. Although we are interested in the last sentence, which has revealed the deeper meaning itself Millie during an interview with Cosmopolitan, we propose the short monologue again, then we move on to the explanation

My name is Enola, which on the contrary becomes “alone”. A Holmes has to find his own way, like my brothers and my mother, and I have to do the same. Now I know that being alone doesn’t mean feeling alone. Mom didn’t want this, she wanted me to find my freedom, my future and my purpose. I am a detective, I decipher messages and I am a savior of lost souls. My life is mine alone. And the future depends on us!

And the future depends on us! … it is clear that “we” refers to the generation to which it belongs Millie Bobby Brown (which was born in 2004). The actress explained: “I think ours is a wonderful generation, and I know that many of my friends – especially the kids from Stranger Things – they are very strong people. We haven’t always had the best possible role models in the generation that came before ours, and so we need to find our role models. “

Not having had great examples to draw inspiration from – and that perhaps does not honor those born before Millie – does not deprive the actress of the desire to act: “As far as I’m concerned, in contexts where I feel I want to make my voice heard, I don’t intend to stay still. I don’t want to be quiet and listen. I don’t want the news to inform me of the changes taking place. I want to go out and help change the world. “

The teen idol of the moment who became a star thanks to Stranger Things, in which he interprets Eleven, seems to have clear ideas and a lot of determination, and this determination will certainly help her to make a career and become not only a great actress but also a great woman. Power Millie!



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