The state of health of Mike Tyson has been challenged again after his last appearance in public, on the morning of this Tuesday, on the program Good Morning Britain. The boxer was seen groggy and with trouble vocalizing, with difficulty maintaining composure.

The interview on the English morning show was arranged as promotion of his fight against Roy Jones on November 28, in which it will be his return to boxing, and, ironically, they also asked him about his physical condition.

A disappointing broadcast for Good Morning Britain, which did not share any excerpts from the interview on social media as they usually do, given the state of Tyson’s health, which raised all kinds of speculation.

Tyson’s explanation

Hours later, the boxer himself wanted to go out to clarify what happened with a message on his social networks, justifying that, the European morning, coincides with the dawn of the United States.

“Hey friends Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid and Great Britain. I tried to stay up late for the interview, but I fell asleep, and like a lion I am difficult to wake up once I fall asleep. I’m training hard and going to sleep early. I had no monitor so I couldn’t see you guys, and I forgot to look at the camera”Tyson tweeted.