Mike Tyson was not an example of behavior outside the ring and, as he demonstrated before Evander Holyfield, not inside. His irresponsibility led him to commit fraud in the doping test, something that cost him a lot of money and which he does not regret today.

At 58, he still remembers his methods for skipping urine tests. “Sometimes I used my wife’s urine. And then I used my son’s,” he recalls in ‘Daily Star’. “My wife told me: ‘I hope I’m not pregnant …’. And I replied: ‘I will not use you again, I will not do it again’ … “, he remembers, although he did it again several times. So that they would not catch him, he used a plastic penis where he had previously kept the urine ‘clean ‘, which was the one that he then handed over to the members of the doping controls.

These confessions are not new. In his biography, ‘Undisputed Truth (The indisputable truth)’, he already recounted episodes of his drug abuse such as marijuana, which is now one of his great sources of income, or cocaine.

In 2000 he was sanctioned with a fine of $ 200,000 for testing positive in his fight against Andrew Golota and in 2004, the last time he stepped into the ring, he lost to Danny WilliamsHe admitted that until hours before putting on the gloves he had been taking drugs. The tests of that evening he passed without problems.