Sitting on the jury of the Russian GP Mika Salo tells Iltalehti the reason Lewis Hamilton behind the changed punishment. Crucial proved to be a team radio discussion that the jury had not heard before.

The stable was misunderstood

Sochi saw a special episode in many ways. The offense committed by Hamilton himself (the starting exercise in the wrong place) was rare, but so was the retaliation of the penalty afterwards.

Salo commented on the series of events to Iltalehti.

– It was a clear violation of the rules, so some sanction had to be imposed. We, too, thought it was harsh, but we acted according to the penalty table.

After the race, the sentence was changed as new evidence came to light. The two penalty points added to the British superlicense account were taken away, instead a fine of € 25,000 was imposed on the team.

– After the race, we were given a team radio conversation between Hamilton and the team, which said that the team had given permission for the start to take place. It was a communication outage, Mersu didn’t make sense of Hamilton to mean that place. However, they accepted the punishment.

The reason for Venkslaus was found at the special time of the event.

– Hamilton’s action took place well before the start of the race. The jury was still out of position at the time. We took the case into investigation after it was brought before us.

The parable of Leclerc is lame

Salo wonders about the accusations of favoring Hamilton. He recalls the British have received numerous penalties for their tricks. That’s why the Mercedes star penalty point account shows a wild reading of eight.

– Fans have selective memory. The jury has so much information and data at its disposal that decisions stand up to reasoning.

After Russia, the internet claimed Charles Leclercin enjoying the popularity of the jury. From the beginning of the season, the Monaco is perceived to have escaped from numerous situations like a dog from a gate.

Many thought this was also the case in Sochi, where the Ferrari star raced Lance Strollin to the wall. Hamilton has acknowledged two punishments for similar events over the past year.

– The events of the opening round are interpreted differently than the events at the end of the race, in which Hamilton has crashed. The case of Stroll and Leclerc was a pure racing situation anyway, there was no reason to investigate it, Salo acknowledges.

Praise the depot

Salo understands the strong reactions of the fans, but he doesn’t melt everything either.

– A couple of years ago, the Netherlands became a death threat when we sentenced Max Verstappen. While there was nothing questionable about it, Max made a clear rule violation, Salo ashes.

The most important thing for Salo is that the work community in the formula bank supports him.

– This is completely voluntary, no one is forcing me to judge. The teams have once chosen me for this wash and at least there have been no complaints in my ears. Kuskitkin know that I am the jury in its opinion, the F1 driver’s perspective. So I am their side, Salo says.