Three years ago, the F1 World Champion was reported Mika Häkkinen wife Marketa Häkkinen a spectacular wedding dress designed for herself using reindeer leather and organza as materials. Shortly after that, Marketa decided to create an entire fashion brand for wedding dresses: Nordic Angels was born. The studio was located in Prague and the showroom in Monaco, where the Häkkinen family lives.

Although wedding dresses with reindeer leather details have been presented until Monaco Fashion Weeks and the products were of interest, Marketa tells Iltalehti that she will soon notice the downsides of the work as well.

– I found that success as a fashion designer requires a lot of traveling and working at special times, and that has never been my goal. I always wanted to work where I can help people and be at the same time for the presence of wonderful children and wonderful husband, Marketa says Iltalehti.

Marketa says she closed the door to the world of fashion design because she didn’t have time to be with her family. She has studied over the years as a fertility coach where she can help people and bring relief in her own words to those suffering from infertility.

– I realized my dream as a hobbyist-fashion designer, I got a degree in fashion design and I proved to myself that I can do it. However, I don’t want to sacrifice all my time traveling. It was a joy for me to start studying to be a fertility coach. I was able to complete those studies during the spring corona quarantine, he says.

During the Corona period, the family fled the pandemic to their private castle of Villaron in France.

The dream of pregnancy

Today, Marketa Häkkinen is a nutritionist and fertility coach. She says she was interested in fertility issues when it came time to start her own family 10 years ago. He currently has three children with the people of Mika Häkkinen.

Getting to the beginning of the pregnancy produced problems.

– I tried to start my own family, which was not easy. I started researching information about fertility. The school teaches reproductive biology and protection against unwanted pregnancies, but when you want to get pregnant, it’s not that easy! Very little is said about infertility issues in schools – I would like this to change, Marketa Häkkinen says.

Marketa says she did everything she could to get pregnant.

– I tried all sorts of possible natural treatments to make my body and mind more ready to start a pregnancy. I found that the things I tried worked for me and also for my friends. I want to help other people struggling with infertility problems with a program I created. Over the years, I have been able to help nearly every kysynyttä help to become pregnant, Marketa claims.

In 2010, Marketa gave birth to her and Mika’s first child together, Shegirl. In 2014, twins were born Lynn and Daniel. Mika also has two children in the union Erja Häkkinen with, Hugo and Always.

“Requires self-discipline”

Marketa Häkkinen says that she first worked with related couples and later with a wider clientele.

According to Marketa, one of the big reasons behind fertility is revealed stress. She sells two programs on her lovefertilitycoaching site: 3-month and 6-month programs, during which she provides guidance to women or couples who wish to become pregnant.

In his own coaching, he says he combines Eastern doctrines with Western medicine, including traditional Chinese medicine. Coaching includes mental coaching, nutrition plan, supplements, Chinese herbs, fertility yoga and meditation, among others.

– This is a long journey and requires a lot of self-discipline. I think women hoping for pregnancy would need the help of a fertility coach. The use of a coach in fertility matters is not as common in Europe as in the United States. I hope this will be part of gynecological treatment in the future. My biggest passion is babies, and it’s wonderful to see how clients get their desired pregnancy started.

The good thing about the new job is that Marketa can work from home and be a lot together with her husband Mika and her children.

– I can be fully present with my loved ones, he rejoices.

According to Marketa, the family has not made any plans to visit Finland in the near future.

– However, my husband often visits Finland to meet his family and friends.

Love began in Germany

F1 champion Mika Häkkinen and Czech Marketa Remesova met for the first time in June 2007 at a golf event in Cologne, Germany. At the time, Marketa was hosting a VIP tournament for the golf tournament at a luxury hotel in Cologne.

In 2008, Häkkinen divorced her previous marriage. At the beginning of their relationship, Mika and Marketa vacationed together in Saint Tropez, among other places. The couple also started performing together at formal events.

Häkkinen’s wedding was celebrated in Rovaniemi in January 2017. About 120 Finnish and international guests came to the wedding, and there was a lot of program at the party, starting with reindeer rides. The couple have built their life together in Monaco and have three children.