Mihai Mărgineanu jumps in defense of Dan Bittman, after the singer expressed his revolt against the measures taken by the authorities regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Mărgineanu says about the soloist Holograf that he is a smart man, who proved everything he had to prove and calls “sheep” and “fools” those who criticized the artist for his anti-mask statements.

“Few people, the rest of the population, said a regretted actor sometime in the mid-1990s. That is, to understand the conformists of 2020, there are many more sheep than wolves. And to understand the stronger head conformists of 2020, that is, there are too many fools and too few smart people in this normal world, the smart people have always lived differently than the herd, they have been free and they have expressed themselves freely when they have something to say.

Dan Bittman is a free man and, willy-nilly, one of the great living artists of the Romanian people, a people of which many senile sheep belong. He is a smart, educated man, he has demonstrated everything that could be demonstrated in this world. He was one by one a student, a graduate, a rocker and a non-rocker, a successful presenter, a politician and a businessman, the father of three big and beautiful boys and the erotic dream of all our girlfriends.

When a man like Dan Bitman has something to say, any smart person in Romania or anywhere else, he should listen, that he can learn something. In general, sheep do not listen. They just swear and get angry in front of the TV! “, Mihai Mărgineanu wrote on Facebook.