Mihai Bobonete is one of the most charismatic actors in Romania, extremely appreciated by the public, regardless of the roles played or the appearances in the stand-up comedy and improvisation shows.

In addition to his career, Bobonete has a wonderful family and a hobby, fishing, so he tries not to stay too long away from the shine of the water. Mihai Bobonete spoke about how he manages to reconcile them all and what was the price paid for his success in Monday’s edition of the show “The Network of Idols”, made by Irina Păcurariu on TVR.

“A lot of people think I’m lucky, I do what I like and I take money for it. People don’t know that we film for the series (no Las Fierbinţi, broadcast by PRO TV) 10 months a year, 10 hours a day and that otherwise they do shows, prepare subjects, work. I remember how one night, I came home after a day of filming, I see Maria, my son, passing in front of me and I ask my wife: Since when is Maria going ?, these are the moments you miss for what is called a career and they never come back … “, Mihai Bobonete remembers.

The actor has two children, a six-year-old daughter, Maria, and an 11-year-old boy, Octavian. He has been married since 2003 to Cătălina Bobonete, his high school sweetheart.

Although his name has been identified with humor in recent years and the audience is preparing to smile when they see him, Bobo, as his friends call him, has taken the interview seriously. At the “Network of Idols” he talked about his childhood in Giurgeni Ialomiţa, where his father had a pub, and remade the train with the train that brought him to Bucharest, a story that became his first stand-up subject.

“I was never a boy on the stairs of the block because they come from rural areas. I was born in Craiova. My early youth happened in the country, somewhere between Slatina and Caracal, in Cioroiu. Grandma and her father’s relatives were there, but we were raised by a sister of my grandmother, who remained a big girl until she died, Dida called her. Then, after ’82, when my mother was assigned to Giurgeni, Ialomiţa, my mother being an agronomist, I spent part of my childhood there, on the banks of the Danube. I was two years old when we moved. I have a younger brother, born in ’85. But I spent my holidays in Craiova. I moved back to adolescence, and I also spent my student years there “, said Bobonete.

Happy 40 years

Mihai Bobonete says about him that he is a fulfilled man, and his pride is that he can make people laugh: “I am a pretty happy person because I never understood how all these things happened to me, how I lived dramas, and then moments of happiness. And now, at 40, to have the family that I have, the career that I have and all that I have, I am a man who is grateful to God and yes, I look at myself in a way when I look in the mirror. I’m happy with what I’ve done, and the fact that I’ve made people smile for most of my life is more gratifying, because I’m not even interested in what else I could have done. I’m interested in making people feel good for a while. I have dozens of messages from my parents telling me how their children were cured with Las Fierbinţi. And I’m not kidding. I’m not encouraging parents who have problems with their children to turn to this now, I’m just saying it’s a case. And it’s a matter of pride again, because such things happen too. ”

The nice actor is also proud of the fact that the series Las Fierbinţi overcame “any barrier of snobbery”: “In the last three, five years, due to people’s perception of him, we have won an audience that our station I think did not have: one with higher education. I now go to doctors’ offices or lawyers, for example, and these people surprise me with remarks from the series. ”

Bobita’s father was a bartender

“My father became a bartender only after the Revolution, when the entrepreneur came out of him. He had a pub on the road. It was originally called Lotus, then became El Paso. The pub was at Giurgeni, on the way to the sea, and there was quite a lot of traffic there, when there was no highway. He also grilled fish on the road, he had it for a few years. There I did my “apprenticeship”, together with Mihai Dragomir (Dorel from “Las Fierbinţi”), because he also has grandparents in Giurgeni, we know each other from school, we are very good friends. He was a miller there in Giurgeni, then he He came with me to Bucharest, where he became an actor, he even graduated from college, I don’t have an acting degree, that’s why I say I’m not an actor (with the right documents), but I had the luck and the chance to “I encourage children now to learn, to study, because it doesn’t work any other way,” Bobonete said.

The Oltenians, champions made fun of him

Asked when he realized that he can make people laugh, Bobonete says that “always”.

“I was always the type who made a joke at the table, a joke, he laughed. And all the time I was surrounded by people with a sense of humor, the Oltenia area is full of humor and here people go through the hard moments of life with a smile on their face. It’s a bad humor, but even in Moldova people laugh a lot. Going with shows all over the country, I noticed that Moldovans are in the first place in reaction, they are noisy and they manifest, they interact with you, the one on the stage. In Transylvania, things are different, there they laugh late (laughs) “.

Asked how he got to Bucharest, Mihai Bobonete confessed that he wanted to start over in a city where nothing bad had happened to him.

“Ah, I never thought about it. I got here after a series of dramatic events. My grandmother from Craiova died early, she died due to the gases emitted by a stove, my best friend from college committed suicide, my parents had some financial difficulties, so a lot happened to me in a year of days and I said I had to do something, change something. I was in college at Electrical Engineering back then. And I said to go to a place I don’t like at all: Bucharest. My grandmother’s death influenced me to find another way and leave everything behind. I had two, three very hard years here, of glorious poverty. Then I started doing stand-up comedy in a comedy club. In my first show I told all my way from Craiova to Bucharest, made by train “.

As people call him on the street

“I answer the nicknames, my name is Bobonete, my character is Bobita, my friends call me Bobo, my mother calls me Bogdan, in Craiova my name was Mihaita, I answer anyway. But I was quite proud when, years after the series appeared, people started calling me by my name, Bobonete, before they called me Bobita. Then I said, look, me, still … people know about me. Returning to Las Fierbinţi, I heard people say “guys, you say you’re in Las Fierbinţi …”, with a negative connotation. I think life in the country is much sadder than what people see in the series, despite the fact that everyone I say it’s a very good x-ray of life in the country “, Bobonete also said.

Mihai Bobonete: “Many people think I'm lucky.  I do what I like and I take money for it “VIDEO