Mihaela Rădulescu (51 years old) told in an interview for the magazine Viva what the first man she fell in love with looked like, but also what failures she had in love.

“He was blond with blue eyes, very intelligent and well raised, totally anti-sports and very lazy. So it passed me by quickly. Compatibility was beginning to make sense and he was trying to tell me to look beyond a perfect face. Which I did, in the continuation of life. I’m not done yet. (smile)

Asked about her first failure in love and if her feelings were not shared, the TV presenter replied:

“It’s normal, but I didn’t shake my head very hard. I was lucky to trust myself, I already knew I shouldn’t waste my time with a winning horse, like I’ve never lost my head after a married man. I’m not interested in other men’s men or men who don’t see me, it’s much more exciting to meet the eyes of people who are free and synchronized in desires. “

Mihaela Rădulescu, born Ţiganu, was married three times and divorced three times. In 1989, the TV star married Bogdan Rădulescu, whose name he later kept, after their marriage did not last more than a few months. Shortly after Bogdan’s divorce, Mihaela “bandaged her wounds” in the arms of Dan Chişu, with whom she was together for four years.

The second time, in 1997, Mihala Rădulescu married the artist Ştefan Băniă Jr., from whom she broke up due to the singer’s infidelity, as she herself said. The star then married Elan Schwartzenberg, a powerful Israeli businessman, for whom the star adopted the Jewish religion. After divorcing him, Mihaela Rădulescu started a relationship with the presenter of the morning show on Antena 1 (“Neaţa cu Răzvan şi Dani”), Dani Oţil, who is 11 years younger than her. After breaking up with Dani Oţil, whom the TV presenter from Antena 1 says was a mutual agreement, Mihaela Rădulescu got very close to the parachutist Felix Baumgartner, and the two have been “madly in love” for more than six years.