Mihaela Rădulescu (51 years old) spoke in an interview Viva about the show “Ferma”, which he is going to present, and about his personal life. Asked about her relationship with Felix Baumgartner and recent speculations about breaking up with him, the TV presenter claimed that any unconventional relationship, especially between two public figures, is debated in the most conventional way possible by the press and the public. “Believe what you want, I live only what I like. And I think I proved that a long time ago “, said Mihaela Rădulescu.

Regarding a possible wedding, given the age of the relationship, the TV presenter said: “I have learned to value my private life much more. And I found that I and my family could only make a living from here. I don’t want to get married anymore, I don’t live what others want, but only what makes total sense to me. And if a relationship with a man on another planet makes me happy and we have to meet in the cosmos to be happy, I will, without a selfie. I know it seems strange not to live in the same house, city, country with your husband, but it can be just as strange to share your bed or thoughts with a man you no longer love or who has another. We do not live the same, we do not think the same about love and freedom, we do not feel the same, so let’s accept that couples can have various forms of happiness and coexistence. And if you can’t accept, I still wish you my happiness, because it is real and complete “, Mihaela Rădulescu also said.