Miguel Russo talked about everything: Salvio’s chances, Pol Fernández’s situation and the ‘errors’ that appear with defeats

The Boca coach beat the duel against Inter, in Porto Alegre, for the Copa Libertadores and left no topic untouched. His best phrases.

In the run-up to the first leg of the Copa Libertadores round of 16 against Inter from Porto Alegre, Miguel Ángel Russo reviewed Boca’s present and responded about the situation of Salvio, Pol Fernández and also the team’s aspirations.

“We were not used to losing … now they are all mistakes now (laughs). We are going to play in Brazil, with a team that generates respect for us, with all that it means to play the Cup. I’m sorry that this is without people … Let’s hope that now that people are returning to the theaters, the public can return to Argentina. We had an important rival, but so are we. Here the rivals are not chosen, “began the coach, who has not yet resolved the team for him. meeting with Inter.

And although he did not confirm him as a starter, the DT also stated that “Salvio is very well, he is working alongside the group and he is going to come to Brazil with us, but then we will finish deciding who plays. But they are the round of 16 of the Cup, hand in hand, with the logical care we are going to need everyone for their levels “. Will he play in Porto Alegre?

In addition, Russo referred to the situation of Pol Fernández: “They are personal issues in which we reach a position and there is no more of that. He is not a club player and they have to do with the forms. In my case we reached a period and then they are personal situations … Negotiations begin and end, nothing more “.

Then he was clear when highlighting that “any player that one puts and that replaces another has other characteristics, but always looking for the best for the team.”

On the points to correct, the DT preferred the generalities. “We always do the balance. Beyond winning, drawing or losing. You look for mistakes and we talk about them to correct them. There are many who need minutes, we had a long time without playing and in some cases it has cost us. We don’t like to lose. No we are used to losing in the year and it was our turn, “he described.

“Beyond the defeats, we are going to face the game in the same way that we have been doing. We did not have the best games in the last two rounds, but we are not preparing to face the round of 16 games,” began the message from the defender.

The central scoreboard analyzed what could be the key with Inter de Porto Alegre. “It is important to have a good 90 minutes but it is not final, it is resolved at home but starting with a good result, proposing our game and taking the process to where we want would be ideal,” he said.

And he added: “We must make ourselves strong, believe in ourselves. The most complex part comes, but it is the most beautiful, the one we aspire to play and for which we are preparing at this time.”

On the proper names, the team’s deputy captain also left his gaze. “Toto (Salvio) is a very important player, we all know it. We have people who can replace him very well, but Toto is hierarchy, he is constantly uneven and it would be good to have him for us,” Izquierdoz said.

The former Lanús and Atlanta also described the absence of Pol Fernández. “It can be supplied with Capaldo or Pulpo González, who have their characteristics and contribute in attack and defense. We all seek the best for the institution, here there is a leadership and a technical body that make the decisions,” he concluded.




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