Miguel Russo does not travel to Paraguay and Boca will be directed by his assistant Leandro Somoza

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The 64-year-old DT decided to stay in Buenos Aires and have the team led in Asunción, against Libertad, by his field assistants. Nor do Ameal or Riquelme travel. Nor does the archers Agustín Rossi and Javier García travel.

Boca’s coach, Miguel Ángel Russo, 64 years old and after having overcome prostate cancer a little less than two years ago, decided not to travel to Asunción, for this Thursday’s match against Libertad, at La Nueva Olla stadium, from Paraguay.

The idea is to stay safe in Buenos Aires and not expose yourself to what the trip implies: airports, plane, hotel, stadium and a lot of stress. Neither will President Jorge Amor Ameal nor Vice Juan Román Riquelme travel.

This was determined by Russo this noon, who will follow the game from his home on television and in permanent contact with Leandro Somoza and Mariano Herrón, his usual field assistants, who must take charge of the changing room and the bench of substitutes. Also traveling are physical trainer Damián Lanata and goalkeeping coach Fernando Gayoso.

In addition, the surprise is that goalkeepers Agustín Rossi and Javier García will not be included in the list, in addition to the youth forward Mateo Retegui, Gastón Gerzel and Renzo Giampaoli, the injured Wanchope Ábila and Julio Buffarini, and the “separated” for the CD, the Colombian Sebastián Villa.

The list of 22 called by Boca for the match against Libertad is made up of the archers Esteban Andrada and Manuel Roffo; the defenders Leonardo Jara, Lisandro López, Carlos Zambrano, Carlos Izquierdoz, Emmanuel Mas and Frank Fabra; the midfielders: Jorman Campuzano, Iván Marcone, Eduardo Salvio, Guillermo “Pol” Fernández, Nicolás Capaldo, Edwin Cardona, Gonzalo Maroni, Alan Varela, Aaron Molinas and Enzo Roldán and the forwards: Carlos Tevez, Walter Bou, Franco Soldano and Mauro Zárate .

The probable team of Boca to face Libertad has the news that Colombian Carlos Zambrano will start over Lisandro López. There is still a doubt in the middle of the field: Capaldo or Cardona (although Maroni could also enter). The team? Andrada; Jara, Zambrano, Izquierdoz, Fabra; Salvio, Campuzano, Fernández, Cardona or Capaldo; Tevez and Soldano.



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