In Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, agricultural workers faced a shocking sight on Friday when they opened a fertilizer container from Serbia. Inside, seven already rotted bodies were found.

Prosecutor Marcelo saldivar says the dead are likely to be illegal immigrants.

The container left Serbia in July and was first transported to Croatia, which was the likely intended destination for those traveling in the container as an EU country.

For some reason they couldn’t get out there. The container continued to Egypt, Spain and Argentina before it ended up in Paraguay.

A short trip is planned

According to the prosecutor, food and men’s personal belongings were found in the container.

– It seems that the men were only prepared for a short trip, says Saldivar.

All of the dead were adult men and the probable cause of death is suffocation, says the coroner Pablo Lemir.

According to him, three of the men are from Morocco and one from Egypt. The country of origin of the others is still unclear.