Suddenly it looks a little weird. Headquartered in Washington State, Microsoft has enjoyed it quite extensively with the president Donald Trumpin popularity.

During its four-year presidency, the Trump administration has ordered about ten billion euros worth of products and services from Microsoft. Gratitude, however, is not part of the business world’s vocabulary, as now the technology giant has moved on to support Trump’s rival. Joe Biden campaign.

According to a revelation on the OpenSecrets website, Microsoft is as much as the fourth largest financial backer behind Biden. The CEO is particularly behind the scenes Brad Smith, who is personally entangled in the presidential campaign. Smith, for example, hosts fundraising events and has also been seen at Democratic party meetings.

In addition to him, half a dozen Microsoft bosses have taken Biden into the heart of becoming president. Together, they have elevated Microsoft to by far the biggest veteran politician supporter in the technology giants series.

– Microsoft has been doing politics for much longer than other big technology companies, the researcher said Max Moran said the news agency Reuters.

– It controls this game.

Under U.S. law, companies are not allowed to provide support to political parties and candidates. Therefore, aid is recycled through individual bosses.

– Our approach has always been the same: we work together whenever we can and stay away from the things we like, the company’s representative explained.

Between the lines, there is a clear spike in it for Trump and the administration he represents. Admittedly, for example, President Smith has also supported several Republican politicians.

The companies behind Trump don’t surprise anyone. Pilot of the United States Postal Service Louis DeJoy is already a good friend of Trump ‘s, and the gaps in the defense administration are by no means problematic.

The airline American Airlines and Wells Fargo Bank can also be found in Trump’s backers.