Microsoft tested Windows XP theme that resembled Mac’s interface

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Microsoft worked on a theme for the Windows XP operating system in 2000 that made computers look more like a Mac. This is evident from the recently leaked source code of Windows XP, writes The Verge.

Microsoft named the theme ‘Candy’ and is very similar to Apple’s ‘Aqua’ interface. Apple announced the look of its computer software at the Macworld Conference & Expo in 2000. The Aqua theme is famous for showing depth through, for example, shadows near the buttons.

Candy is said to have been used in an early source code for Windows XP. The theme was never released. Various buttons and icons that resemble Apple’s designs are said to have been used by Windows developers as a workaround in the design.

Windows XP used the familiar blue and green Luna theme when it officially appeared in the market in 2001.

The source code of Windows XP was posted on the internet forum 4chan last week. The shared source code shows the original programming language behind windows XP. The vulnerability could provide insights into how the operating system works, which also entails potential risks. Cyber ​​criminals, for example, could discover new holes in the software to exploit.



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