Xbox Series X It officially arrived a few days ago and it seems that users, beyond playing, have taken the opportunity to make nasty jokes with their new consoles.

We have made a review of the new Xbox Series X, so we know that one of the biggest surprises of this console lies in its excellent heat dissipation thanks to its ventilation system that can draw cold air from the bottom to distribute it and extract it from the top.

But nevertheless, a video went viral in which a new Series X is shown blowing smoke as if it had overheated but the user who started this prank came out to say he was just playing and smoking vape with your new console.

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Microsoft did not find this joke

Obviously, this not so innocent joke has not been amusing to Microsoft and with good reason.

After the explanation of the video, we all calmed down, but the company decided to launch a message in which they recommend not to smoke vape next to the Xbox Series X.

“We can’t believe we have to say this, but please don’t smoke vape on your Xbox Series X,” Microsoft notes.

So now you know. Think better of things before damaging your new next-generation console.

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