Microsoft comes to the rescue of TikTok after Trump threats

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Microsoft has officially announced that it is in talks with the parent company of TikTok for acquire the services of the Chinese company in North America and Oceania, an operation that would allow the short video social network to bypass the veto threats expressed by the Administration of Donald Trump. The CEO of the company founded by Bill Gates, Satya Nadella, spoke with Trump on Sunday to communicate his intentions and assure him that the acquisition would secure the Privacy of the more than 100 million users Americans from TikTok, days after the White House threatened to ban its services in the United States for fear that the Chinese government would have access to its users’ data. Microsoft is confident that the deal can be closed before September 15.

TikTok is the latest victim of the geopolitical dispute maintained by the two main economies of the world, a pulse with multiple derivatives in the commercial and technological field. As it happened before with Huawei or ZTE, the White House claims that the video application represents a threat to your national security. This time the misgivings do not stem from the company’s possible links with the communist regime, but from Chinese laws themselves, which oblige companies operating in their territory to provide the Government with their users’ data in case they are requested. ByteDance, TikTok’s parent, maintains that its data centers are hosted outside of China and has come to propose an agreement for a group of US investors to take over the majority shareholding of the company.

American CEO

He has also put at the head of TikTok a former Disney executive, Kevin Mayer, but none of the gestures have served to appease the suspicions of Trump, who has opted to redouble the struggle with China to use it as one of his assets for reelection in November, a strategy that already paid off in November .

The aggressive policies of the American are disrupting the free competition in the global technology market, by forcing third countries to position themselves in this undeclared war, although many in the United States are tacitly backing Trump’s policies, after China long managed to force the technology transfers of US companies operating in its territory.

India bans TikTok

Microsoft’s acquisition of TikTok’s operations in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand it would be an oxygen balloon for the Chinese company, which saw a few days ago as India prohibited their services after the serious border dispute between the two countries that ended with the death of a score of Indian soldiers. Nadella said Sunday that, if the operation is consummated, Microsoft will guarantee the privacy of US TikTok users.



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